Bob Shannon: Republican Party should shoulder blame for assault weapons |

Bob Shannon: Republican Party should shoulder blame for assault weapons

In the ’90s, during the Clinton Administration, assault weapons were banned.

In the early Bush years, the Assault Weapon Ban was repealed under pressure from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun lobby.

The Republican Party pushed for the repeal. Now, every time responsible legislation is proposed, the Republican Party and the NRA put the brakes on any chance of positive and moral change to our obsessions with guns!

Assault weapons were designed as a military weapon to inflict mass killing in a war. Now, we are experiencing mass killings in our society from Sandy Hook to Las Vegas, and many more. Now, someone with an assault weapon and multiple magazines with 30 bullets can kill as many people possible in a very short time.

The majority of the American people favor an assault weapon ban along with high-capacity magazines. The Republican Party, under pressure from the NRA, does not.

Assault weapons belong in the military, not in the hands of someone who can easily purchase these weapons, and then kill children and adults in mass shootings.

Every time there is a mass shooting with assault rifles and high-capacity, semi-automatic revolvers, I blame the Republican Party and the NRA.

Yes, I do believe the Republican Party is responsible every time some deranged person opens fire on innocent people with an assault weapon!

Bob Shannon


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