Bob Shannon: Who elected the NRA? |

Bob Shannon: Who elected the NRA?

Who elected the NRA?

Here we go again. We hear about increasing the age requirement to purchase guns. Mental illness, arm the teachers, background checks, armed guards, just buy more guns (comment from the NRA) and so many other solutions. But, our elected officials won’t mention anything about assault weapons in fear of angering the NRA.

I thought our government was put in place to serve the American People, not the NRA.

A majority of the NRA membership agree that responsible regulation is needed. But not the NRA leadership.

Anytime our leaders mention some sort of sensible gun regulation, the NRA goes into attack mode. The NRA is even attacking the high school students who are so affected by the shootings across America.

Easy access to guns and especially assault weapons is what leaders should be acting on.

Perhaps they will represent the American people and do the morally right thing and stand up against the NRA!

Bob Shannon


‘Assault weapon’ discussion needs more thought

McAvoy Layne suggests modifying the Second Amendment (March 2) to limit the right to keep and bear arms to “single shot” only. What does that mean?

Would a double-barreled shotgun be outlawed? Most revolvers have 5 to 9 round cylinders. Would they be outlawed? The term “assault weapon” is meaningless. Anything — gun, knife, rock — can be used as an assault weapon. Except for automatic weapons, which are closely regulated by the federal government, all other firearms require a trigger pull for each round fired.

A gun that fires only one round before being reloaded would not do much if my house were invaded by more than one person.

Mr. Layne needs to think about this more thoroughly.

Michael F. Jordan

Incline Village

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