Bob Sweigart: A solution to school shootings |

Bob Sweigart: A solution to school shootings

The solution to school shootings is obvious.

We must address the mental health issue, which is the prime cause. We must reexamine our entire approach and response to mental health and find a way to effectively raise and educate our children from the time they are toddlers, and continually and repetitively teach them how to be humble and show them how to make consideration for, and service to, others their first responsibility in life.

We must also teach them that those values are even more important than their own desires.

We must also make sure to give our children, in some way, shape or form, a healthy sense of the supernatural world. Call it what you will — God, nature, life after death, magic or fantasy, some sense of the vast greatness of life beyond ourselves is essential to a healthy consciousness, an intelligent mind and necessary for creating a positive context for our individual lives.

If we can find a way to ensure that everyone in our country puts those things first on a daily basis, I believe school shootings may very well end.

Bob Sweigert

Tahoe City

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