Bob Sweigert: Trump right to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal |

Bob Sweigert: Trump right to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

Trump right to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

The terms and history of the Iran deal don’t matter to me. Trump was right to withdraw from it on principle alone.

It is unjustifiable to enter into an agreement and a pretense of hope with leaders of nations who are in conflict among themselves and who deny their citizens the right to freely assemble, protest and disagree and who suppress free expression, democracy, free thought, individual choice, who oppress women, punish gays, lesbians, Christians and Jews and who express their official intent to wipe certain countries off the map.

The first item of discussion of any deal between the U.S. and Iran, or North Korea, should be the immediate resolution of the philosophical, social, and political differences between communism and capitalism, between their laws, policies and principles of governing and ours.

It sounds naive on one level, but it’s the only way to ensure a lasting peace. If autocrats and religious zealots and fundamentalists can’t change what makes them tick, they will never change what makes them talk. Pun intended.

Maybe this idea has been tried and it’s just obvious, even laughable, that it won’t succeed.

Without a solution to the root causes of mistrust, the terms of any deal are moot, and it will never matter if the nuts and bolts of dismantling or proliferating nuclear weapons are tight, loose or removed. Without a change of principles, Iran and North Korea will never sincerely pursue their own domestic peace and justice, let alone yours and mine.

Welcome to a still uncertain world.

Bob Sweigert

Tahoe City