Can emergency medical services find you? |

Can emergency medical services find you?

Scott Walquist
Special to the Sun

The difference between life and death many times is only a matter of seconds. To help Care Flight and other emergency medical providers find a patient in the fastest manner possible, it is important your home be visible and easy to locate.

Check your address numbers and see if they are visible from the street. If not, place or replace the numbers so ambulances or fire trucks can find you quickly in an emergency.

If you have a long driveway, place your house numbers at the end of the driveway so they are visible from each direction. Do not assume that emergency vehicles will always approach your home from a certain direction. Many times we have to respond to emergencies while out on the road, or while returning from other emergency calls and may approach your house from an unexpected direction.

Please use numbers that are at least three inches in height and have use a color that contrasts to your trim or house color. Brass numbers look great but are very hard to see in the sunlight, and written numbers are hard to read at night. When placing numbers on your mailbox, place them so that your mail flag does not block them.

Now that we are able to find you, can we get to you? Long driveways and private roads need to be cleared of brush, trees, stumps and rocks for an area 14 feet wide and 12 feet high to accommodate our emergency vehicles. Tree limbs that hang down will damage the ambulances and fire trucks, as will brush on the sides of the roadway or driveway. Narrow access roads make it hard for vehicles to pass safely.

and#8212; Scott Walquist is the media representative and community advisor of CARE FLIGHT, an emergency medical transportation service.