Carla Holtzclaw: Foster ‘transition team’ will transform culture of Sheriff’s Office |

Carla Holtzclaw: Foster ‘transition team’ will transform culture of Sheriff’s Office

Shannon Moon and Bill Smethers have each disparaged John Foster’s proposed transition team, misunderstanding that it is not about “hitting the ground running” by doing the same old thing.

John’s transition team is also not about him learning the Sheriff’s Office operations.

Rather the “Transition Team” is formed to transition or transform the culture of the sheriff’s staff into a new era of serving the people of Nevada County. It is about change, not “hitting the ground running” by preserving the status quo.

The transition team is a transformational body of advisors who possess the expertise, knowledge and skills to change the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office into an inclusive and participating member of our criminal justice system.

It is about resolving concerns related to school safety, gun violence, youth substance abuse, homelessness, crime and recidivism.

It is about investing in the training and specialization of our Sheriff’s Office employees by adopting mandatory risk management training in the areas related to a hostile working environment, sexual harassment and retaliation for employees who choose to exercise their rights under existing law.

It is about transforming the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office to a high level of professionalism and connection with our community in order to address problems and identify solutions.

It is time for a change in the Sheriff’s Office, bringing in high standards of professional service to all we serve in Nevada County.

John Foster has that proven talent and leadership.

We, members of his transition team, encourage you to vote for John Foster for Nevada County Sheriff.

Scott Berry, former Truckee police chief

Michael Gomez, former bureau chief, Peace Officers Standards and Training

Carla Holtzclaw, former educator, school safety trainer and consultant