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Celebrating Seuss

Courtesy of Danielle HankinsonOtto Albrecht brushes some big chompers while Landen Rigler opens the jaw.

Almost 200 children crowded the Boys and Girls Club last week to celebrate one of America’s most venerable children’s book authors.

For the eighth year Kings Beach educators and community members have celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Although the event took place last Friday, Seuss’ birthday was actually March 2, 1904.

Participants came from the four different local schools. The children had the opportunity to listen to 44 different Seuss books and, of course, sample some real green eggs and ham.

Other children made a “Cat in the Hat” hat, mailing a homemade birthday card to Dr. Seuss and brushing an extra large set of teeth after hearing “The Tooth Book.”

” Andrew Cristancho, Sierra Sun