Charter schools benefit Truckee community |

Charter schools benefit Truckee community

Charter schools and election season, two things that should never mix.

With the season in full swing, and a scant two weeks before voters go to the polls, Prosser Creek Charter School has found itself in a mess of its own making – An accounting error will likely be a thorn in its side while voters, and school system officials, decided how and if the error will affect its future.

The parents of Prosser Creek children say the enemies of the charter school system – and they are numerous – will use the accounting error against Prosser Creek. They are probably right. But should the error be used that way?

Schools, public or charter, must submit to a system of accounting that would confuse Enron, even the mafia. The children who benefit from the charter school choice should not suffer, because of something that, thus far, appears to be an innocent mistake.

Barring any revelations of corruption, we should work to retain Prosser Creek’s charter, and keep the choice available to parents.