Angela Tachera: Preparing financially for Truckee’s pandemic pets

Were you one of the many people in Truckee that adopted a pet during the pandemic? You are not alone. Adoption of pets skyrocketed in Lake Tahoe as people looked for companionship during the lockdowns of the past year. Now is the time for new pet parents to prepare financially for the future needs of their fur babies.

Budget for Future Expenses

Ask your veterinarian how much you should budget for your pet on a monthly basis. Include regular expenses such as food and veterinary care and of course plenty of toys and treats. Add some extra funds to the budget as a cushion to cover any unexpected expenses.

Start a Savings Account

It may seem strange to create a savings account for your pet. However, it is a wise move when you look at needs of your pet including food and veterinary care. Saving now ensures that you have those expenses covered in the future. Open the savings account and monitor it on a regular basis using online banking based on the budget you created.

Look into Pet Care Insurance

Another smart idea may be to look into pet care insurance. Today there are many options in Truckee for this type of care. Start by taking a look at your company benefits at work or your auto/home insurance company. Compare those quotes with the one provided by your veterinarian. Review what is covered, what is excluded, needed co-pays and the overall cost of the plan. Also check the maximum benefits under the plan. Balance that annual cost with the potential risk of out of pocket expenses for your pet’s care.

Planning today for the future costs of your happy and healthy pet can ensure that you enjoy a long life of companionship in Truckee.

Angela Tachera is a District Manager for Wells Fargo.

Angela Tachera


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