Court Leve: Never forget. Except you have. Again


These two words carry weight and are synonymous with the events on Sept. 11, 2001. These words and the importance of that awful date will lose all meaning and importance if that date, our history, is forgotten. Several years ago, I wrote a similar letter to the editor in your newspaper which was published about your continued lack of mention of 9/11 on its anniversary. On the 20th anniversary, you again neglected to make any mention of what is arguably the single biggest event to occur to our county since World War Two (certainly in my 49 years). Nearly 3,000 people were killed on that day, thousands injured, and the death toll has continued ever since from various complications. And the lives of surviving family members traumatized forever.

I cannot speak for your sister publications, only the Sierra Sun, where there was literally zero mention of 9/11. Not even a token American Flag in the header — NOTHING, you forgot.

You told me your staff was busy covering the fires and other important news, which I’m sure is true. However, what is clear is that the Sierra Sun and your sister publications had no intentions to write a single word about 9/11; you’ve literally had 20 years to muster up at least a few words of remembrance, but you chose to remain silent. Why is this?

I wasn’t expecting the anniversary to dominate the front page like it does in respected National publications. While you might not have as large of a platform, your publications still reach thousands, and to make no mention or gesture in print or online simply means you DID forget. And personally, I find this a slap in the face, and this is exactly how history is forgotten.

As one of the leading sources of news in the area, I feel you have some responsibility to your readers (not to mention those in our community that have served and more to the point, those that lost their lives) to NEVER FORGET Sept. 11, 2001.

Years ago, I was told by your staff that they would do better and moving forward pay tribute – on the 20th anniversary of this terrible day you have failed in doing so. I know firsthand as someone that worked for the Tahoe World/Sierra Sun 15 years ago as your staff photographer how limited budgets are within your organization and journalism at-large. However, I can only feel let down by your continued indifference.

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall” isn’t just a catchy slogan. It speaks truth to our Democracy and who we are as a Nation, and in these extremely trying and divisive times-we need to be united. And I believe, once again, this newspaper has missed an opportunity and by way of omission are doing a disservice to our community and all those affected by 9/11.

I am a proud American. Through thick and thin and I believe we will always be ready for whatever challenges we face. We’ve been standing united for 245 years because we NEVER FORGET… We move forward despite our passionate differences.

You have a voice in the community. I beseech you to use it for good. Use it to help preserve history and to teach those too young to remember what has shaped our country and community. But above all else… NEVER FORGET.

Court Leve


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