Don Rogers: Democrats Trumped again |

Don Rogers: Democrats Trumped again

Democrats think they’ve got him this time, surely, at last. And maybe they have.

But the far more likely outcome of their impeachment quest is not the end of a presidency, but the elimination of the most plausible rival for office.

The Senate, after all, will swat away any articles of impeachment. Maybe by lunch.

Still the Democrats bite, swarming. Will they never learn? Trumped again, assuming the president shambles clear of his latest outrage, this “beautiful” conversation with Ukraine’s president.

The country’s leader toadies up nicely, according the administration’s notes of the call. The president gets what sounds like a promise to help settle political scores. He gets to call Joe Biden’s integrity into question, thanks to a whistleblower who passed on reports of the president improperly seeking election advantage in this and perhaps other calls. Oh, and touch off an impeachment battle oddly to his advantage.


For now, everyone’s consumed with the now-official inquiry, clear evidence of the breach pulled from a super-secret safe, unclassified and released by … the White House. It does read more like a conversation with a godfather than the commander in chief. Nothing to do with national intelligence.

Republicans still want to pretend this guy is all on the up and up and just has a tweeting problem, basically. Otherwise it’s the Mean ol’ Media bullying him, a victim of their elite temper rather than his own.

I think he’ll go down in history as among the worst ever, even with Republicans once the scales finally fall from their eyes. But we already have a pretty good inkling. Nothing new here.

What is new is this: Wait, what? Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was getting $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian natural gas company to sit on their board while his dad was having his own shakedown talks with Ukraine’s leaders?

Never mind the details, whether the then-vice president was appropriately pushing for true justice, that nothing illegal was found about Hunter or the company.

$50,000 … a month? For a guy who brought no talent to the position, only the happy fortune to be his father’s son. That’s not unusual in Trump or Biden’s world. It’s just messier when companies from places like the Ukraine and China are lining the progeny’s pockets. Messy enough that at least some in the Obama White House grew concerned.

Joe Biden’s brother, James, comes off no better in a National Review rundown this week of the wheelings and dealings. Similar though more sympathetic stories about Hunter have appeared in New Yorker and Vox, those liberal standards.

By the way, The National Review was one of the few conservative outlets to oppose the election of Donald Trump in a principled stance I wish other conservatives would take. Of course, it is the thinking conservative’s magazine.

I expect Joe, already slipping, is toast. That’s the practical effect so far.

Next comes the waste of time, the loss of focus on issues where the Democrats may have leverage, and finally, the public confusion and dismay — in too large a part at the Democrats.

Oh, and just in time for the election, where this case should be decided. That is, by a jury of voters, not Republican senators in a rigged trial.

Perfect. Just perfect.

Don Rogers is the publisher of the Sierra Sun and The Union, based in Grass Valley. He can be reached at or 530-477-4299.

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