Don Rogers: Impeach me, please |

Don Rogers: Impeach me, please

Aside from repugnant and scary, what the president is doing is incredible.

Racist? Sure, of course, but we’ve known that for a while. The holy rollers, financiers, corner drugstore owners, Bubba and the rest don’t mind. We’re talking about an instrument of God here, not a choirboy. The base remains unmoved.

They’re good so long as conservative judgeships get filled, the agenda is served and the economy rolls, as measured by GDP and stock markets. The bottom line is the bottom line, after all. Besides, there’s worse in their view. Just look at the other party.

Indeed, all the partisans have lost their minds. No refuge leaving one party for the other. Everyone for themselves, their own, is hallowed across the land, expressions of selflessness beyond party lines instantly suspected, then fact checked. No one truly acts for the collective good. Why, that would be socialist, as commie as the Ruskies. Wait, pals now with the White House.

A historically unpopular president seeks re-election, that’s all. It’s as basic as survival. Disturb and distract are time-honored tools, and he wields them deftly at the limbic level. Enough of the country has proven susceptible to this button pushing, blood boiling. He makes it seem so easy. Look at us, all inflamed whether left or right.

I’m pretty sure he’s gunning for impeachment as a campaign tactic, all the better if he can get there name-calling and making the Democrats do the right thing and defend the congresswomen he baited with remarks about each going back to her “broken” and “crime-infested” country.

I won’t be the first to point out their country is America, same as yours and mine, broken as she might be at the moment, thanks in no small part to the kind of ugly mass meanness displayed at the campaign rallies.

Of course I won’t vote in 2020 for this guy, even with some actions I view as improvements, almost exclusively in economic matters. Any decent Republican would have accomplished that much without the erosions we’re weathering everywhere else.

But then, he’d already lost me at the start with the birther scam. This wasn’t the Republican I hoped would win the presidency, anyone I would vote for, no one to admire.

Which only means I’m not part of his base. We don’t share the same vision for what makes us great or have a common understanding of the American dream. Our values differ, to put it mildly.

It’s not that I see greatness among the Democrats, with so much of their ideology striking me as wrong-headed, their policies and legislation largely ill-advised. Their party machinery, thirst for tax revenue and wave-a-wand, pass-a-law approach with poor results in our state give me little confidence.

Still, I’ll take that over this. But what I think about it all really doesn’t matter. I’ll vote for president as California overwhelmingly will vote, as we did in 2016. It won’t make a difference.

What will matter? Well, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, where by a grand total of 78,000 votes the president eked out Electoral College victories in each of those states and with them the full union.

It will be the same in 2020 if enough liberal voters make excuses about voting being too difficult for them or prove too lazy again or invoke some higher moral authority against the most basic of civic responsibilities. The base suffers no such weakness of nerve or resolve. They’ll be there.

But why the quest to be impeached, all the nasty alienation, this barely concealed thuggery? Does it really serve?

I’m a pointy head, trying to use the front of my brain to understand something much deeper. This doesn’t have to make sense to the likes of me.

But even I can see the Senate would have the president’s back, which alone makes the political spectacle of impeachment a problem for the party bringing it on. Little else would dominate the news cycles. Distraction would peak.

Maybe the president envisions himself as a sympathetic character in such circumstances, an ultimate in ironies. A victim. A martyr in chief.

Imagine, this historically most unholy of presidents with the most unholy of agendas, this gilted instrument of God, going messianic.

To think he has a real chance to succeed, well, this is breath-taking. I’m not referring to him here, but us. We’re incredible all right. Just incredible.

Don Rogers is the publisher of the Sierra Sun and The Union, based in Grass Valley. He can be reached at or 530-477-4299.

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