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On “Officials say higher density is key to housing crisis at Lake Tahoe”:

Mike Beallo — The TOT tax, plus resorts putting money into workforce housing, makes a lot of sense to me.

Teri Lindsay — The 8-10 major destination resorts should be providing the high-density housing for its seasonal and full-time employees. Let them build studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartment buildings several stories tall. I can’t imagine that second homeowners are going to let seasonal workers move into their high end homes and not have the availability to be there themselves. Truckee and the Tahoe Basin are so traffic impacted now — the local full-time residents are going to really prepare for longer commutes town.

Dick White — Again the biggest roadblock to higher density is our local governments. We looked into adding a studio over our garage, fees over $50K, and the kicker was a total property reassessment at the end. Even though we were doing this for our own employees, it didn’t pencil out. So here’s some ideas: Reduced permit fees, no reassessment until sale, and to keep units like this out of short term rentals add a deed restriction for set period or until sale. Simple, easy. Will the counties do it? Not a chance. I lost them at lower fees.

On “Don Rogers – Trump show distracts us all”:

Stuart Johnson — Don Rogers, Donald Trump has promoted numerous programs to help the poor and underserved in this country contrary to your opinion. In fact, the Black Caucus praises Donald Trump for his efforts, stating in fact that he has done more already to help the blacks in this country than Obama did in his entire eight years. Don, rather than throwing stones, why not embrace the success and prosperity the majority of this country has benefitted from during the brief time Trump has been in office? Millions more people are employed now compared to when Obama reigned.

D Mark Brown — Republicans are lock-stepping with this idiot just so they get their issues passed and have no regard to the overall damage to our country.

Charlie Crane — The environment is also doing good here too. Yes we have “controlled burns” these days around the Basin, but those are necessary every year to combat overgrown and/or dead or dying trees in the region. Some pine trees that are dying recently have been infected with a pine beetle bug. But that too has been going on for years. That’s why they are cut down to cut back on the infestation. The smoke from those fires is minimal and part of the process. We need to do more of them all over California or cut more trees down or risk being burned up like another Paradise, if nothing more is done. Manage

Teri Lindsay — And has wasted millions of $$$ on the “distractions.”

Josh Ditchoff — I don’t think any President really has that much influence on the economy. The economy acts more like a slow moving wave that is mostly beyond the control of any President.Charlie Crane The differences in the market are very clearly identified here from 2015 to the present day.You can clearly see the minute Trump became the President on January 20th,2017,the “angle of attack”, if I may use an aviation term regarding airplanes and clim…

KellyAnn Cavazos — What a bunch of fact-less trash talk as usual from the disgruntled losing left. When and if they loose again in 2020, what lies and temper tantrums are we going to have to live through for those four years? If you are so worried about the environment, then why are you spending your time complaining about Trump and not turning your efforts towards more important things? Let it go already, you and your counterparts are starting to stink like a fish sitting in the sun for a week!

Jason McHone — The op-ed was about the need to digest local news …

On “New sports museum still in the works at Squaw Valley”:

Hans Peter Wilms — Went up to High Camp recently; they have a few interesting things on display. Would be nice to add a few more, skated in the ice hockey ring as a kid, pretty cool. First win over Russia, no helmets!

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