George Boscoe: A short tale of property management in the Kingdom of Placer |

George Boscoe: A short tale of property management in the Kingdom of Placer

“Oh Sire, there is trouble in our lands,” uttered Bureacacy.

“What matters?” asked Lord Guffawson.

“Oh Lord, the victims are all in a rage, they are sleeping in their RVs, cars and camping out in the state parks. They are mingling their unwashed children with ours, there are lines at the laundromats, it’s all so bad, we don’t know what to do. The Victims claim it’s all due to a housing shortage and we have so many empty cabins here in East Placer, how can it be?”

“There, there, Bureaucracy, calm down, Lord Guffawson will take care of all these problems with the single stroke of a Moratorium.”

And a moratorium it was. All the Lechers, money grubbing that is, were forced to stop renting their properties for tourists and pay more attention to Local Victims.

It came to pass Lord Guffawson had more to say about the matter and he said we will fix these Lechers for our own purpose. You, Bureaucracy, must require the Lechers to be licensed, permitted and inspected and we will then limit the number of short-term rentals in our realm so the victims can move out of their RVs into the Lechers vacation homes and live happily ever after. Their children and their clothes will be washed in private, and everyone will be happy.

But soon another edict came from the pen of Lord Guffawson, a requirement that the Lechers rent their vacation homes at least 30 nights a year or forfeit all their permits and get no income. Bureaucracy asked Lord Guffawson why he placed quotas on the Lechers. “Because I can,” the Lord responded. Quotas are always good for achieving the States goals, look how well they have worked in Russia and China. “But Lord, wont you force the Lechers to rent on the black market and bypass all your efforts?” asked Bureaucracy.

George Boscoe lives in Soda Springs

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