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Opinion: McClintock’s words don’t match his actions

Rev. Clare C. Novak, Chris Olson, Erika Backhus, Douglas Kremer
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We the undersigned were stunned to read Rep. Tom McClintock’s opinion article about lockdowns in last week’s Sierra Sun without a warning label that he had signed on to a seditious amicus brief seeking to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Fortunately the Supreme Court summarily rejected this treasonous and poisonous rubbish set forth by the Texas Attorney General.

For the roughly 40 years McClintock has earned a salary at taxpayer expense he hasn’t delivered much other than garbled ideological pablum. But his egregious claims in this newspaper of wanting to open businesses and pretending to help struggling Californians as usual doesn’t mesh with the harsh reality of his playing the role of Dr. No in Congress. Indeed, his cruel NAY vote on Dec. 28 against granting $2,000 in stimulus relief to taxpayers underscores his opinion piece can’t be taken seriously. Since the onset of COVID he has consistently voted against legislation that would benefit his struggling constituents. We haven’t forgotten the first COVID death in California was across from his district office; has he?

For those of us who actually live in CA-04 — unlike McClintock who has been a six-term carpetbagger — we’ve seen innumerable families harmed across the district. A job lost here; wages reduced there; a family member suffering from COVID; wildfires impacting thousands of residents; a struggling homeless person sleeping outdoors in winter and surviving thanks to the kindness of others. After we witnessed traditional conservative values all but abandoned over the past four years as the national debt rose by a historic $7 trillion and egregious tax cuts were granted to benefit corporations and the top 1% of earners, we repeatedly wondered throughout 2020: why can’t there be more funds allocated to help the average citizens?

McClintock has to own up to his voting record and also to his undermining the rule of law by pretending the 2020 elections were unfair. By signing on to a frivolous and baseless suit promulgated by America’s most vexatious litigant long known for abusing the judicial system he eroded American democracy.

If he truly believes in that seditious nonsense then the remedy would be for the House not to seat him on Jan. 3.

This letter was composed by Rev. Clare C. Novak of Tahoe Vista; Chris Olson of Tahoe Vista; Erika Backhus of Truckee; and Douglas Kremer of Truckee.

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