Computer tech gets a taste of a rock star’s life on tour |

Computer tech gets a taste of a rock star’s life on tour

Ryan Salm/Sierra SunMac Surgeon and musician, Brian Presowitz recently returned from a music tour in Japan.

Brian Prestowitz calls himself a “Mac surgeon” at Sierra Tech Center in Truckee, but after returning from a concert tour in Japan, people may start referring to him as a rock star.

Prestowitz, 29, just returned from a concert tour in Japan, where he played two shows in his first trip to the country.

He has been writing music since 1989, playing piano and using a synthesizer to create songs people of all ages can identify with. At concerts his trusty computer “Cedric,” named after a friend who died in a car accident, accompanies him on stage to provide some of the background parts of his music, he said.

Getting on stage in front of more than 1,000 people at a “jam-packed auditorium” of college students wasn’t the nerve-wracking part of the tour experience, though. It was the 10-hour flight with a fear of flying that had him anxious, he said.

His Japanese fans love his music, as he combines some of his beats with Japanese singers on songs like “Sakura Fubuki,” which translates to “Dance of the Cherry Blossom,” he said. He doesn’t sing on any of his songs because his voice is “too low and husky,” he said.

His soothing blends of jazz, pop, and classical tunes are inspired by Prestowitz’s changing moods from one day to the next.

“I write music for the people who need it,” Prestowitz said. “Just to be there for anybody ” I love to help people.”

Subaru contacted Prestowitz via e-mail about filming a television commercial in Japan for one of Subaru’s new hybrid vehicles, but unfortunately it didn’t end up fitting into his schedule, he said. Prestowitz said he guessed Subaru found him through his Web site or by listening to his music.

Prestowitz has written 162 songs and has compiled 21 albums since 2000.

“It sounds unbelievable,” he said. “I would spend maybe about three hours a day working on a song.”

Prestowitz admits he hasn’t really tried to find his niche audience in the United States.

He was born in Sendai, Japan, but grew up living on the East Coast near Washington, D.C. He only started learning Japanese four years ago.

Happy to be back home from touring, Prestowitz is already busy writing new material. He said he enjoys the anonymity of living in Truckee.

But is Prestowitz really in the music business for the rock star groupies?

“I could care less about the booze and the girls,” he said.

See Brian Prestowitz’s Web site,, for a photo gallery of his trip in Japan.

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