Decisionmakers: Dr. Robert Affeldt |

Decisionmakers: Dr. Robert Affeldt

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun
Greyson Howard/Sierra SunDr. Robert Affeldt

Dr. Robert Affeldt’s contribution to community service has been intertwined with the history of Truckee for more than 50 years.

Like many, Affeldt preferred the mountains to the city, moving in 1950 from Southern California to Truckee, where by his account he was the town’s only dentist for about 20 years.

Watching the town grow from about 1,000 people when he arrived, Affeldt said public involvement, like life itself, was different back then.

“It was very much like the Old West: If they couldn’t find the doctor, they would come and find me,” he said.

His involvement with the sanitary district evolved from first forming a Donner Lake fire department, which he was president of in the late ’50s, he said.

“When I got on the board, only downtown Truckee and maybe part-way to the high school was on a sewer,” Affeldt said. “Everything else was a straight pipe into the river.”

He said he enjoyed the challenge of overseeing the extension of sewer service to the rest of Truckee, an essential need for the town, and new challenges have kept him on the board since.

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