Decorating for love the Feng Shui way |

Decorating for love the Feng Shui way

Are you missing a valentine in your life this year? Maybe you have one, but your relationship has hit a rough point and neither of you can explain why?

Some might blame these situations on misfortune; others might see a need for counseling.

Chris Blanchard thinks you just need to rearrange your house, thereby allowing positive energy or “chi” to flow within your living space as it should, thereby rearranging your life.

Blanchard is a professional Feng Shui consultant with more than 14 years of experience. She has lived, worked and studied in Hong Kong for four years, and currently charges up to $120 per hour for in-home Feng Shui consultations with clients all over the Truckee/Tahoe/Reno area.

Inspired by the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, on Wednesday Blanchard taught a class entitled “Feng Shui for Love” to a group of mostly women (there was one man in the class), in which she outlined important Feng Shui principles for ensuring that one’s love life is everything it’s desired to be.

According to Blanchard, when trying to make changes in romantic relationships with other people, it’s important to start in the “relationship corner” of our house or living space – which can be found in the rear right-hand corner of the space relative to the front door. The relationship corner is where the chi that has to do with love and relationships naturally wants to flow; thus, ensuring that this space is ready to accept that chi will make things go smoother in one’s love life.

Next Blanchard turned her attention to the bedroom:

“Regardless of where it is in your house, the bedroom is a very very important space – it’s the room of relationships.”

Getting the proper energy flow within the bedroom is essential to maintaining healthy, loving relationships according to Blanchard, and in the class she discussed topics such as where to place the bed, how to light the room and what colors work best in bedrooms.

Blanchard advocated avoiding singular items such as having only one end table by the bed – which leaves another person feeling unwelcome – and leaving the photos of kids and other people for separate parts of the house.

“You wouldn’t invite mom and dad and uncle Larry to sleep in your bedroom, so get their pictures out… you have the rest of the house to show those off,” Blanchard said.

Also important was putting the television in another room since having a TV in the bedroom is like “bringing the whole world into this very intimate space you have created,” Blanchard said.

Blanchard sees herself as an “energetic interior designer” who approaches design in terms of how energy flows through a house.

During the Feng Shui for Love class, she had the participants bring floor plans and ask specific questions about any of the areas that were bothering them in their own houses.

Truckee residents Bill and Sheila Greeno were in the midst of remodeling their master bedroom and entryway – two very important areas according to Feng Shui practitioners – and came to the class for some practical advice.

“We’ve had friends that have done Feng Shui, so we were somewhat familiar with it,” Sheila said, “but we had never gone to a seminar.”

Bill seemed pretty open-minded about all of Blanchard’s suggestions. “When you’re designing all these rooms you need ideas on how to do it, and this is just another way to look at it,” he said.

Throughout the class, Blanchard shared stories of Feng Shui successes – people who had used Feng Shui techniques to improve their love lives and/or meet their significant others – as well as a number of consequences of poor energy flow within buildings.

Blanchard claimed that a number of divorces that she knew of might be partially explained by the improper arrangement of a house or business, and she urged class participants to pay attention to the signals they are sending with the arrangement of items within their homes.

Many of the tips that Blanchard advocated seemed to be pretty standard interior design concepts and very practical in nature. Others were more esoteric and relied heavily on the Eastern philosophy that underlies Feng Shui.

But all of her suggestions were interesting whether one was a skeptic or a believer or somewhere in between, and all of Blanchard’s Feng Shui tips got the class participants consciously thinking about how to make improvements in their lives.

“And by the way,” Blanchard said near the end of her presentation, “I do walk my talk; I’ve been married to the same wonderful guy for 35 years.”

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