Democratic playbook offers no competing vision |

Democratic playbook offers no competing vision

I cannot help but notice how your local liberal columnist Mike Restaino continues to employ the current Democrat playbook strategy of savagely, snarky attacks on President Trump while offering no competing vision or real alternatives.

As Mr. Restaino dwells on the Razzie award won by Mr. Trump in 1990, Trump’s team advances the nation’s interest by dealing with illegal immigration, radical EPA rules, and a Supreme Court vacancy.

Hopefully soon, the rogue, unelected federal judges who are dangerously playing Secretary of State from their isolated chambers in Hawaii, San Francisco, and Seattle will be rebuked and the executive branch can get on with extreme vetting. Next stop: tax reform and the end of the disastrous Obamacare program.

Hillary Clinton conclusively proved that merely attacking Mr. Trump alone does not guarantee electoral success. Until our Democrat friends and party operatives recover from Trump derangement syndrome and its mindless obstructionism, they are destined for the electoral wilderness, and deservedly so.

In the meanwhile, our country suffers from riots, attacks on free speech, class warfare, and other maladies that are extremely toxic to our form of government and way of life.

Jay Buellton

Las Vegas, Nevada

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