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‘Details’ sure can be pesky for politicos

Jamie Bate

The Associated Press reported Thursday that California’s elections watchdog wants assurances that politicians aren’t tapping campaign funds to pay for personal travel, meals and gifts.

Um, whaddya mean? The cynic in me says this is a little ” “assurances”? ” too late.

The Fair Political Practices Commission tentatively approved regulations Thursday that would require candidates to demonstrate that campaign spending on meals, gifts and out-of-state trips had a legitimate political, legislative or governmental purpose, reported the AP.

The new rules would require that state and local candidates and officeholder’s campaign finance reports include “facts sufficient to demonstrate” that these perks, um, I mean work expenses, have the political, legislative or governmental purpose required by law. The reports would also have to reveal all sorts of detail, like names, dates, whos, whats and whens.

Um, whaddya mean? The taxpayer that I am asks, “Shouldn’t this have been going on a long time ago, you know, the ‘details?'”

FPPC members A. Eugene Huguenin Jr. and Robert Leidigh voted to tentatively approve the regulations. But had some problems with those “details,” according to the AP.

“Do you have to write a book or what?” Leidigh, a former deputy attorney general, asked, about explaining the purpose of a gift, meal or trip.

Why not? Or have someone on that legislative staff do it.

“I don’t think we should be in the position of telling politicians what is political,” added Huguenin. “Those are terms of art and they are the experts.”

Exactly the problem, the cynic in me says.