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Did you know … Lake Tahoe will become a valley?

Susan Wood/Sun News ServiceThe Sierra Valley was once a lake similar to Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe could be known as Tahoe Valley in the (distant) future. According to the California Environmental Resources Evaluation System Web site, http://www.ceres.ca.gov, Lake Tahoe will fill with erosion at a rate of one foot for every 3,200 years, which means it could become a meadow in about 3,158,400 years.

Because The Sierra Nevada is no longer growing, nothing will counter this process, according to the Web site.

Sierra Valley to the north, home of Sierraville, Loyalton and other towns, offers a glimpse into that future, as both Lake Tahoe and the ancient lake that is now the Sierra Valley formed under similar conditions.

According to a Biological Baseline Study of Sierra Valley Marsh by the California Department of Biology in 1976, the Sierra Valley Lake filled with sediment up to 2,000 feet thick, leaving behind a valley that covers more than 100,000 acres. Lake Tahoe’s surface area is about 122,000 acres.