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Disrespect of women went too far

As a woman, I found the statement made by Mr. Bob Sweigert (Decisive action calls for a time machine Sierra Sun column Sept. 27) regarding Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, sexist and offensive. Mr. Sweigert states that, Ahmadinejad can dress up as a woman, carry on endless intellectual conversations with adult Muslims and trick them into allowing men and women in the same room with alcohol. He could probably pass for a woman even without shaving his beard.What does this paragraph mean? Is he trying to insult Ahmadinejad, Islam, or women? I could not find any purpose for this paragraph in this column except to show the sexist nature of the writer. Muslims do have segregated societies and it is against the law to drink alcohol, but that has nothing to do with what is going on between Iran and the United States at this time or what happened at the United Nations. The problem is over a lie propagated by the government of the United States regarding Irans nuclear weapons ambition. At this time the only body that claims Iran is building a bomb is President Bush, just as he claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam was building a bomb. I do not see any connection between this issue and that Ahmadinejad can pass as a woman without shaving his beard.Why is it that anytime men want to insult other men they refer to those men as women? Who on this earth has decided that women are inferior to men and that men are the superior species except for some outdated religious edict. Who has decided that it is OK to insult a man by calling him a woman? I think Mr. Sweigert must not have been around strong and powerful women otherwise he would not use women to insult the president of another country. We have the right to disagree with head of another country but we must respect the office of presidency as we expect other nations to do the same with our president. But what makes me offended is his disrespect towards women. He can insult Islam and Ahmadinejad as much as he wants to. As a matter of fact I have exposed Islam on my Web site, http://www.homa.org. But he has no right to insult women, more than half the humanity.Also Mr. Sweigert claims that the statement by Rosie ODonnell that Christian fundamentalists are as dangerous as Muslim fundamentalists is a whacko fundamentalist belief. I hope he has not forgotten the bombing of the black churches, abortion clinics and the cold-blooded murder of the doctors who performed abortions. Or perhaps he is a believer of the culture of life, and killing for the sake of saving fetuses is OK, but fighting for your country and independence is not.Parvin Darabi is a Truckee resident and author of “Rage Against the Veil, the Courageous Life and Death of an Islamic Dissident.”

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