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‘Do’ update and where oh where are the letters?

A quick update on my “fro”: The hair is still growing, despite the best effort of John Curtis down at Manstyle Barbers. Last week I wrote about my hair issues, particularly that I just haven’t had a chance to get it cut lately, so I continue to hone the werewolf look.In the column I wrote that I once went to Manstyle and had to make an appointment a week later because Curtis is so popular. Well, John left me a message here at the office the day my column ran and said he had a couple of time slots open that morning.Unfortunately, I didn’t get the message until the afternoon, so the “fro” continues to grow.The short of it, however, is don’t be like me. Go visit Manstyle down on Commercial Street. I’m sure Mr. Curtis will be happy to accommodate you.•••Not that I’ve let my hair go entirely. After commenting on the fur that had been accumulating on the back of my neck for about a month, my fiancée, Annette, managed to make me feel bestial enough that I had her shave my nape.That occurred a day or two before she had her first ultrasound to take a look at our proverbial “bun in the oven.” Along with being absolutely awestruck by the heartbeat of our lima bean-sized kid, we were relieved that the blurry little image on the scope wasn’t already sporting a mullet and beard.•••On an entirely different note, I was driving west through downtown Sunday afternoon admiring the magnificent pastel clouds and sky above the snow-capped peaks of Donner Summit when, for the first time, I really contemplated a recently built structure above town.With the amazing sky in the background and historic Truckee in the foreground, Mitch Clarin’s new building hugging the hillside along High Street fit right in.To Clarin, Alpen Environs Architecture and Environmental Design, the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission and everyone else who strives to keep Truckee uniquely Truckee, bravo.Yes, there are folks who may criticize the stricter standards for Truckee’s historic district. But if you think Truckee is tough, try changing out a door or window in Nevada City, let alone get a new commercial building approved.•••Now for some housekeeping. In an effort to keep the Sierra Sun’s opinion pages from reading like a list, we’ve moved our “Sunshine letters” to the Friday B-section of the paper.We receive many thank-you letters, and while we have guidelines – like a limit of 150 to 200 words and no long lists of names – we get 200-plus word submissions with exceedingly long lists of names. Now, while we’ll stick with those guidelines, moving them to our B-section pages will give us more room to work.•••Speaking of letters, where are they? Ever since the end of the election season, we’ve had a dearth of letters to the editor. Come on residents of Truckee, there has to be something on your minds. What better place to air it than the Sierra Sun?

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