Does the World revolve around the Sun? |

Does the World revolve around the Sun?

Everyone I talk to in Tahoe City keeps telling me they miss the good old Tahoe World newspaper. They say they cant handle a newspaper every day, especially one that has important news of the outside world, like the story of a stolen donut truck in Richland, Wash. or a woman trapped in a Swiss bank vault.Tahoe City residents feel left out now that the Sierra Sun has swallowed up their world. They feel as if somehow, without warning, Truckee snuck up on them in the middle of the night and conquered them without firing a shot, forcing them to bow down and worship the Sierra Sun god.The distress is real. Change is unsettling. Almost overnight the citizens of the North Shore went from mellow, laid back, carefree mountain folk to high strung, fast paced city slickers besieged by traffic, noise and information overload. Sounds like home to me.I try to tell them that I sympathize, and I do. My heart goes out to them, a little bit. Its OK. Everybody knows that Jon Stewart of The Daily Show controls all the media and newspapers anyway. He controls the government too. Were in good hands. Relax.Adapt slowly. Just start off by reading the Sierra Sun on Wednesdays only. That way you at least make a small change and build a little confidence. Then you can add a day or two here and there. Check with your doctor once a month and you will soon find that you can open the news stand door every day, or not, without having to put two quarters in it.But start with Wednesday first, and start with page nine. Im not saying that just because Grasshopper Soup appears on Wednesdays on page nine either. I wouldnt try to trick you like that. Nine is just a good number and Wednesday is hump day. Its a good, all-around day right smack-dab in the middle of all the others. And its spelled weird and hard to pronounce.Wednesday is a good, challenging day for those of us floundering at the shallow end of the gene pool. Its sink or swim baby.None of us would be where we are today if we werent good at making changes. We survived the cutting down of the Big Tree in the middle of the road. You can do this.. . .Guess where I am today. Im in a porta-potty along the Tahoe City River, which has been re-named the Truckee River by the new regime, writing notes for todays Grasshopper Soup on the back of a piece of cardboard from a twelve-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Theres a giant dust devil trying to carry the potty away with me in it.Ive been so busy rushing around on my real job my skin cant even keep up with me. My fingernails are growing backwards and my belly button is getting deeper. I havent had a day off in three weeks. I trained three new people to help carry the load and two of them flaked out. The overtime is great, but I feel like Im in a coma with a hangover and its April 14 and I havent started my taxes yet. I couldnt keep up with a monthly newspaper, even if I tried.My good friend Rick Raduziner told me I should write about the positive things people do. Hes right. Ill start in a few weeks, when I regain consciousness. Ill have more time when the days get shorter.. . .Speaking of positive things people do, Frank Aldridge sent me a letter from along the Pacific Crest Trail. He is rationing mosquito repellent and enjoying the European style comforts and amenities that are sprouting up along that famous wilderness route. People are handing him beers in front of a caf near a bath house. He says they are discussing a mix of global politics, and technology. Frank quips, Its a bit distracting, but fun.Sounds like Frank is really roughing it while Im sitting here in this outhouse. Frank is behind schedule for his long walk home, but very optimistic.Remember, you read it here first on page nine on Wednesday. Or is this Thursday?Bob Sweigert is a Sierra Sun columnist, published poet, experienced ski instructor and commercial driver. He’s lived on the North Shore of Tahoe for 25 years.

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