Dog poisoning cannot be justified |

Dog poisoning cannot be justified

According to authorities, the perpetrator used dog biscuits to bait the trap – a bowl of antifreeze. The dog drank the antifreeze, became sick and died within days, even under the care of a veterinarian. Antifreeze is extremely deadly to dogs, and seems to be the preferred means of poisoning when the occasional case is discovered.

Those of us who have had dogs (and there are a lot in Truckee) know the potential depths of the pet-owner relationship, and therefore should be disturbed by the specter of this crime.

Dogs become a part of the family, establishing themselves in the dynamic of family life and securing a place in our hearts. These are bonds that only dog owners and dog lovers can understand. When our dogs die, we mourn their loss, because it is truly a loss of a family member.

The person (s) who perpetrated this crime deserves the stiffest prosecution, not only in recognition of its brutality, but also to send a message to other would-be dog poisoners: Killing pets is not a means to solve grievances, or get revenge. No matter what.

Shilo was an Australian Shepherd and, as most of us know, the Aussie is not exactly one of the most brutal breeds. If the dog was a neighborhood nuisance or bit someone, then the case should be followed up by our local office of animal control. The owners have the responsibility to reasonably control their dogs, and animal control officers are empowered to act with written citations, fines and even containment of misbehaving pets.

What is the justification for killing a dog? There is none.

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