Donner Cabins Subdivision tabled for further review |

Donner Cabins Subdivision tabled for further review

Truckee is putting approval of the Donner Cabins subdivision on hold to answer questions about its environmental impact.

The Truckee Town Council on Thursday tabled the hearing of Mark and Janet Brady and George DeLong’s appeal of M.C. Taylor Construction’s project, saying it didn’t have enough information and there was too much “unknown,” mostly related to environmental impacts on an adjacent wetlands area.

The council, in response to contradictory information from residents and Taylor representative Gavin Ball, asked Ball and M.C. Taylor Construction to provided more detailed analysis of the wetland boundary.

Separate studies of the site showed different lines – the Brady version showing that the subdivision encroached on the wetland area.

The council decided to have a third study done, conducted in collaboration with the scientists who conducted the first two studies. The study is expected determine the boundary of the wetland, and will either send the project on its way to approval, or take it a step back for modifications.

In addition to the wetland delineation, the town council asked for more information about potential wetland de-watering impacts, wetland setbacks to protect the riparian habitat, blasting, the public utility district water line plan, maximum wall heights, special status species that could be in the area, boat and RV parking, and the visual impact of the house on lot three on the adjacent lot.

While the neighbors to the project do have concerns with these issues, they said they weren’t trying to stop it completely. “I don’t want to kill this project,” Truckee resident Albert Scheiber said. “We knew that this 4.98 acres would be developed at some point – that’s common sense.”

What they are calling for is more attention to detail on the environmental issues, as well as a reduction in density. The density issue, however, all but died in the town council.

The town will now try to locate an appropriate third party to conduct the wetland delineation study and the project will return to the town council no later than September, according to town staff.

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