Don’t forget about the Duck Races |

Don’t forget about the Duck Races

We had a great time at the Old-Timers’ Picnic, although a lot of people didn’t show up this year due to weddings and what not.

We always get a couple new faces every year so it’s enjoyable. Punky Englehart always tries to get her brother Merril to come up, but this year he finally had a good excuse – he helped Punky move to Idaho. When he returned home, he found himself unable to get out of bed the next morning because his back and neck hurt. He thought it was from driving, but his wife made him go to the doctor after the second day.

He belongs to an HMO and they didn’t find anything wrong. His wife then made him go to another doctor, who put him in the hospital. He had emergency surgery and is recovering nicely.

Jack and Ralph Jones were on the sick list because of bronchitis and pneumonia. Jack says he’s doing better but I don’t have the latest reports on Ralph.

Ted Daley started having problems with his heart again this year but his doctors got that straightened out. They claimed he wasn’t getting enough exercise so Chris has been forced to try and take him out golfing more often (likely story Chris).

I had a nice talk with Patsy Tonini at Pizza Junction. She said she sold her house to Dennis Zerbil who is going to use it as an office. She didn’t realize what a “pack rat” she was until they started cleaning out the attic and they found some of the cards for Theresa’s baby shower. That was 37 years ago so I don’t feel so bad about the junk I have been saving.

I ran into Dave Stackpole down at the Bar of America on one of his return trips from doing some business in Reno. He thought he was going to be happy to get back to Sacramento where he could stay cool in his nice house but the job took a little longer than he thought. He had to spend a couple more days here but he didn’t stop in. I call him the old one (he’s three months older than me) so he tries to get out of here before all his friends harass him about the way he combs what hair he has left.

Jim Speck and his wife Judy returned from a trip to Stevensville, Mont., where they went to visit Doug and Nancy Aeyrs. He and Doug got in some good fishing and caught some nice 2- to 5-pound Brookies and Rainbows, which made Jim wish he was 30 years younger so he could move up there and enjoy the kick back life.

Birthday time again: Aug. 1 – Dave Taylor, Donna Best and Jim Britton; Aug. 2 – Bob Clark and Elaine Stock; Aug. 3 – Greg “Lurch” Jordan and Ernie Gonzales; Aug. 5 – Martin Davy and Jack Leonisio; Aug. 6 – John Hejny; Aug. 7 – Bucky Lee and Hank Leroy Stratton; Aug. 8 – Pam Barrett and Duffy Midyett; Aug. 9 – Jasmine Jones; Aug. 10 – The Little Rascals Bill Benish, Judy Mohr, Pat Callahan, Bill Churchman, Bob Raber, Dorothy Owens and Pam Krone; Aug. 11 – Ed Greenwood and Goodie Mori; Aug. 12 – Rose “Tootsie” Meyers; Aug. 14 – Steve Corrigan, Bill Toci and Shannon Mulholland; Aug. 15 – Butch Spect.

Anniversaries: Aug. 3 – Ty and Tracy Tonini; Aug. 3 – Norm and Ellie Traverso; Aug. 4 – Rich and Trudi Hauff; Aug. 6 – Sharon and Sky Gutierrez; Aug. 8 – Tom and Max Megget; Aug. 15 – Monica and Glenn Curtis.

A special birthday: Kari Lynn Murphy was born July 3 – proud parents are Jeff and Cecilia Murphy.

Walt and Betty Sittre and Irene and I went over to the Sierraville Rodeo and really had a lot of fun. It’s still a small town and you get to see a lot of the area talent and visit with some of the people. Walt and Betty’s daughter Tracy and her husband Ty Tonini live over there (that’s daughter and son-in-law) at Calpine. Walt and Betty went to the Quincy Fair to see granddaughter Kayle show her sheep. They made it down to the Monday Night barbecue so they could visit with Duncan Reed’s parents, who have not been up here for six years. But that’s probably as often as they can stand to see him.

Our rodeo is over and done with now and I hope you all got to attend. The next upcoming event that I can think of is the third annual Duck Races by the Truckee Sunrise Rotary at the Truckee River Regional Park Saturday, Sept. 20, at 11 a.m. First prize is $4,000.

Duck tickets cost $5 per duck or 6 ducks for $25. They can be purchased from any Truckee Sunrise Rotary member and, in some cases, their wives or husbands. The rec district has really fixed up the area around the finish line so it will be a lot easier for people to see and be comfortable.

It’s nice that they are repairing the roads in Sierra Meadows. I noticed that we have a lot of marks on the road I live on in Olympic Heights – either they are going to fix the road or we are going to have one heck of a hopscotch game. If they pave our roads this year, they would last for another 40 years and we wouldn’t have to worry about them getting torn up by snowplows. We have to be last priority because of the small amount of people who live there. The people in Sierra Meadows are really happy about what’s being done up there and how much smoother the roads are.

Hope things cool off so the fishing will pick up and the fire danger will go down.

Don “Slug” Brown is nearly a lifelong resident.

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