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EDITORIAL; A sense of outrage

Earlier this year, a dog was shot and killed in Truckee.

This newspaper has received nearly a dozen letters and phone calls about the allegedly unprovoked shooting of that dog by a 19-year-old local man. People are outraged, and appropriately so.

But within that same time frame, we also have had a case where another local man, Albert Jimenez Jr., was arrested and charged in the brutal alleged beating death of a 1-year-old Truckee girl. Jimenez possesses a prior record of abuse charges against children.

How many letters have we received about that case, decrying the terrible case of child abuse and the death of a girl who didn’t live to see her first birthday?

Not a single one.

What does that mean, exactly? Are Truckee residents telling us a dog’s killing is more important to them than a child’s?

We do applaud those who have written in and shown their concern over the malicious shooting of a beloved pet. No murder, be it a man or a dog, should be swept under the rug.

But still, we didn’t get a single letter or a single phone call about an 11-month-old girl who was beaten to death right here in Truckee.

Yet for one dog’s death, we’ve seen an entire community action campaign, and this week, outraged readers writing in about the proposed sentence for the alleged perpetrator.

Is it because we’re so used to terrible tales of child abuse and death that they don’t shock us anymore, but that somehow, humans abusing their pets strikes us as even more horrific? We’ve also seen more national press coverage of the San Jose trial of a man accused of murdering an Incline Village woman’s dog than we’ve seen of some murder trials for humans.

A dog’s death is terrible, tragic and sad, and those who’ve shown such outrage about Truckee’s current case deserve praise for their activism.

But a child’s death, somehow, seems like it ought to weigh a little heavier still on our town’s spirit, and forge a sense of outrage that would help ensure a terrible tragedy like the death of Kylie Ann Kirbis-Fernhoff never, ever happens again in Truckee. No matter how common child abuse must seem to our jaded eyes, apathy won’t make it go away. It would’ve been something to see a vocal, determined effort to decry this girl’s death that was as passionate an outcry as we’ve seen about the death of a local dog.

We should be equally outraged by all crimes in this town, no matter who or what they happen to.

Or else it’s just another forgotten murder in the end.

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