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Editorial: Cheers and Jeers

The Editorial Board

CHEERS: To the ski resorts opening up in the next week, including Sugar Bowl, Squaw Valley USA, Mount Rose and Northstar-at-Tahoe. We should start to see our towns filling up with the much-needed visitors and tourists, just in time for the Thanksgiving holidays.

CHEERS: To all the state champions and their families who returned last weekend, including the Truckee High School volleyball and girls’ soccer teams. Congratulations. Those memories will last forever. From every resident, we say thank you for representing our region so well.

JEERS: To those who continue to drive down the hill to do all of their shopping. While we realize it can cost more to shop locally, it is worth it. Local stores employ your friends and neighbors, and help keep our area vibrant. By shopping local, you are not just supporting the local business community, you are supporting every person who lives in the region by contributing to the local tax base. Think hard this season before doing all your shopping on the web or down in Reno.

CHEERS: To Placer County for handing off the decision for redeveloping the fire station (which is moving to Fairway Drive) to the locals. While residents and business owners are divided on what should take its place, it is a decision that should be made locally. The only role the county will take in redeveloping this important piece of property is by facilitating the discussion, and pitch in for demolition costs. The fire station should be in its new home by Fall 2011, giving the town a bit of time to hash out the pros and cons of suggestions like a performing arts center, open space or more parking.