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Editorial: Cheers and Jeers

The Editorial Board

CHEERS: To the athletes who competed in the 1960 Winter Olympics who are in town commemorating the Olympic Heritage Celebration, which starts today and goes through next weekend. The events range from dinners with the 1960 Olympic hockey team to Nordic races at Sugar Point State Park. We welcome you all back to town, and can’t wait to hear all the stories.

JEERS: To the outgoing governor’s State of the State declaration Wednesday that California will survive a $20 billion budget deficit by depending on a form of federal bailout. We know the general public in the United States is tired of bailing out failed companies and corporations, and we imagine the frustration will increase when and if they pay the tab for California, which has seen this issue coming for more than a decade and failed to do anything about it. While we do need the help, a bailout does not translate into a sound economic policy. It only delays the need for a long-term solution.

CHEERS: To Truckee’s Danny Davis for winning an Olympic qualifier this week down in Mammoth. Davis beat perennial favorite Shaun White, which sent a few waves through the Olympic qualifying committees. The two will square off this weekend again down in Mammoth. (Also, visit http://www.sierrasun.com/2010olympics to follow your favorite local Olympians.)