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Editorial: Too much Katrina? Try living it

It has been about three weeks since Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf states. As the city of New Orleans was inundated with flood waters, people all over the country, including us here in Truckee, have been inundated with visions of the disaster.Along with the reports coming out of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are the seemingly endless requests for aid coming from organizations like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Then there is all the finger-pointing, and those photos and videos of destruction, chaos, grief and sadness. It can be overwhelming, so much so that a person’s reaction at this point could be to tune out. But that’s the last thing we should do.If you think the coverage of Katrina’s aftermath is too much, put your feet in the shoes of those whose lives are now totally shattered. Try to imagine what it would be like if you were told – not asked – to move your family hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away and live in a shelter in another state with no home or job to return to.And even if you were able to remain in your town, try to imagine living without creature comforts like electricity, phone service or water – for weeks or even months. All that while you are mucking mud out of your living room.Yes, the coverage of Katrina is relentless and is becoming tiresome, but it’s nothing like living it. We must all keep that in mind when we feel saturated with the latest from the disaster zone.If you are wondering what can be done beyond sending a check to the Red Cross, take a look at page A3 in this edition of the Sierra Sun, or go to the “Spotlight” section on the front page of sierrasun.com. Local service groups, business and individuals are keeping the relief effort going locally in some creative ways.Just remember, if the news coming out of the Gulf states is overwhelming, try living the reality.

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