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EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: You are the pills you take

Back in the old days -I’m talking 1993 or so here -I felt I was a fine young stallion of a man, impervious to harm and subsisting entirely on beer, Top Ramen and Cheetos.

Now, I am forced to be a vitamin-popping, fruit-chewing label-reading paragon of virtue.

It all started with the emergency appendectomy I had just about a year ago now, a slice of surgery that seemed to presage a whole year’s worth of physical woes.

Next, I had a benign cyst that looked a little bit like Rhode Island removed from my face, then I was diagnosed with a recurring sinus infection that pops up, randomly, to bedevil me and make my brains feel like they’re slowly leaking out of my ears.

To treat my sinus woes, I’ve been told I need to cut back on milk, caffeine and sugar.

Unfortunately, those ingredients represent about 99 percent of the average journalist’s daily diet.

I am left with radishes. I can still eat radishes.

Most people in my age group don’t usually think much about matters of health and nutrition unless we have to.

My wife, a devout vegetarian, has done her part to reform me. I rarely eat meat now except when we dine out, and she’s been quite persistent about introducing me to the concept of fruits and vegetables.

Another area of the supermarket I never used to frequent was the vitamin aisle. The last vitamin I ate prior to this year was shaped like Fred Flintstone.

Now, I am conversant in the lore of echinacea and flaxseed oil, Vitamin B and K and and so forth. I take pills now. Lots of pills.

There are definitely times when the pains of being flesh outweigh the pleasures.

Unfortunately, it’s the only body I got, so I guess I’ll keep on chewing down saw palmetto, brambleberry and milkweed as long as I’m able.

I just wish at least one of these pills were shaped like Fred Flintstone.

Sierra Sun Editor Nik Dirga

grew up in Nevada County.

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