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I am simply appalled. Given the malfeasance, self-dealing and non-performance of John Doolittle, who could possibly consider voting for him?

I’m a former Republican and presently a registered Independent. My party of Goldwater and Rockefeller left me. In those days deficits mattered, you took care of your troops first, not last, and you tried to economically raise everyone’s standard of living.

Doolittle with his accomplices of Abramoff, Ney, Hassert and Foley sicken me by wrapping themselves in the flag while they were too chicken to defend their country.

Mired in corruption, they try to profess their religious purity for purely hypocritical, political purposes. Each is so beholden to the lobbyists that they are simply owned like addicts to their money pushers. When are we going to clean out this chicken coop? What will you tell your children when they grow up and ask you “Who did you vote for in 2006?” Vote for someone who will serve you instead of using his position for his own personal gain. Please consider Charlie Brown.

Norm Justesen


I am heartened to see community members getting involved with our local government by seeking office in the North Tahoe Public Utilities District. Two seats are open this year with three contenders for a vacated seat and a challenge to an incumbent.

In 2004, two incumbents were challenged: Mr. Bergman and Mr. Mooney. That was the first time since 1996 that a real election was held. No one had challenged the incumbents during those past eight years.

Incumbency certainly influences voters. It seems to carry with it a tacit indication of the incumbent’s capability to fulfill an office. However, many have been appointed rather than elected to their position. Many have not been effective.

One might ask who appoints directors. Current directors at the time do the appointments. This amounts to a private election by four individuals, selecting a fifth who may not necessarily represent the opinions of the community.

So I offer my thanks to Jerry Wotel, Sue Daniels, and others who have chosen to run to try to improve the handling of the District’s many problems. It should be noted that this effort involves, both for them and their supporters, a considerable expenditure of time and money.

Ezra Meyer

Tahoe Vista

The Truckee Tahoe Airport Board deserves two new faces that will continue with the positive gains we made in community relations, rather than reverting back to the unconstructive policies of the past. While Sandy Korth and Bill Quesnel are not new to either the community or to the airport, they will both work tirelessly to provide equitable solutions to the common problems that plague airports and the growing communities that surround them.

Currently, Sandy and Bill are serving on the Airport Community Advisory Team, which is dedicated to reaching out to the community to better understand and address the impacts the airport may have on its neighbors. Although both are pilots, they know that it is vitally important that community needs be addressed and a consensus between users and non-users be made to ensure the long-term viability of the airport as a regional asset. This Nov. 7, let’s not go back to the tried and failed approach of the past advocated by their opponents. Instead, vote for Sandy Korth and Bill Quesnel so that we can all continue to work together in a spirit of cooperation and respect.

Lou and Johnny Ashcraft


This letter is to announce my support for Sue Daniels in her campaign for a seat on the North Tahoe Public Utility District.

Sue was backed and recruited for this position by retiring member Norma Schwartz.

As you may know Norma created the North Tahoe Business Association, and proved to be an amazing part of our community for more than 20 years. I trust Norma’s opinion of Sue’s qualifications for this position.

I have also known Sue personally for 10 years. She is one of the very few ” an actual Tahoe local, having been born and raised here She has spent about 50 years being part and parcel of life in Tahoe. In her heart Sue is a champion of the North Shore. This includes a reverence for the environment, the forest and its resident critters, a belief that Tahoe is a national treasure that needs protecting, but also needs to be experienced.

I know that Sue is not a fan of big government or its ability to spend more money than it has. She believes in a budget, and operating in the black, even when faced with costly improvements. Sue knows that the conference center can be run properly, make money and still be available at reasonable costs to the locals. She also knows that the full-time residents are in need of support that they currently may not get from the local government.

Sue will work toward developing a plan that will help balance the needs of a solvent NTPUD to supply water and sewer services that are affordable to the locals and she will also address the impacts of the second homeowners during peak use periods.

Sue is level-headed, ethical, smart and not interested in big city politics. She will bring strength and vision as well as a voice of reason to the NTPUD. Her agenda is to keep politics local, legal, above board and fiscally responsible. I believe Sue Daniels is what we need to keep this town alive in the hard times and thriving in the good times.

Meera Beser

Tahoe Vista

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