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Election letters

As 30-year Truckee residents, we have known Sandy Korth and Bill Quesnel professionally and as fellow pilots. We worked with Bill when he was involved with engineering issues in downtown Truckee, and we trusted Sandy with our business when she was a stockbroker at Charles Schwab. Both are quintessential professionals and a delight to work with.

We are very lucky that Sandy and Bill agreed to run for the two open Truckee Tahoe Airport District director seats. They have the qualities that we desire in our leaders (and our friends) ” honesty, sincerity, dependability, curiosity, and integrity.

Sandy and Bill are the best people for the job: They want to keep our airport small, and they want to reduce the effects of airport noise on the community. We have watched them work diligently for 15 months, as volunteers on the ACAT (Airport Community Advisory Team) to find thoughtful solutions to bring airport users and the community together.

We love Truckee and plan to live here another 30 years. We are also proud of the Truckee Tahoe Airport. That the airport is a community asset is not a debate in this election. What is debatable is the approach on how to maintain community support of this asset. As directors, Sandy Korth and Bill Quesnel will welcome constructive and open dialog as this community changes and grows. We need their strong and dedicated leadership.

We urge you to vote for Sandy Korth and Bill Quesnel Nov. 7.

Laurel and Tom Lippert


Sierra College is very important to our area. We are lucky to have the new Truckee campus be a part of the fabric of our community. It will enrich our lives and allow us to enjoy life long learning. The trustees are crucial to the future of the college and I have met and am supporting Bill Martin and Martin Harmon to the Board of Trustees.

Our local Trustee Dave Ferrari would be lucky to have them on the team representing the college. They are the most qualified candidates and will be a great addition to the Board of Trustees. Please vote for Martin Harmon and Bill Martin for Sierra College trustees on Nov. 7.

Theresa May Duggan

Tahoe Vista

We all understand that one-man/woman = one vote for national and state elections; however the game really changes at the local level because there are several “spots” open and many are running for those positions. Consequently, when you vote for more than one candidate for a multi-seat position, you run the risk of diluting your vote for a specific person ” see my example below.

It is MY opinion that the following individuals should receive your (one) vote:

Town Council: Richard Anderson. Richard has only been on the council for a couple years, but he has demonstrated his ability to think for himself; he does his homework and asks questions when he doesn’t understand an issue.

Truckee Tahoe Airport District: Michael Golden. I personally know, and admire, all the candidates running for this board; however, Michael is the only candidate that has first-hand current and past experience and knowledge with the workings of the airport and the board. As a former airport board member I feel that to replace him, at this time, would be a loss of his expertise at a time when the direction of the airport is transitioning to a more-communicative agency.

Truckee Donner PUD: Ron Hemig. Ron is an excellent communicator and evaluates issues quickly. Ron has been able to weed through the “chaff” on some very contested issues. As president of the board, he has run his meetings in as efficient a manner as possible.

Voting “ONE” Example: There are four people running for two-seats. I vote for the one candidate that I want to win; my wife votes for two of the others; our son votes for one that my wife votes for and he votes for yet another candidate. Well, they have out-voted me on one seat, but my candidate is “even” with their second-choice candidates and mine still has a chance to gain a seat. If I vote for a second candidate, I dilute the chances of my candidate winning any seat. I have not “wasted” a vote, I make my one vote count.

Charlie White


I had the opportunity to attend Candidates Night last week at the North Tahoe Conference Center. My specific interest was to become informed about the different candidates running for the NTPUD and the issues facing our district. The event was well-run and well-attended. Congratulations to the sponsors.

After hearing the wide spectrum of questions and answers, there was no doubt in my mind that Sue Daniels stands head and shoulders above the other candidates for Seat 3.

I was impressed by Sue’s knowledge, poise, and independent thinking. She is native to Lake Tahoe, raised her family here, works here, and has an unwavering devotion to the community and to the NTPUD to the exclusion of outside interests.

Sue does not have any hidden agendas or secret commitments. I urge all of you in the NTPUD to vote for her.

Pam Holten

Tahoe Vista

Your recent endorsement for the NTPUD board of directors seat 3 warrants a response.

It is imperative that elected officials remain independent in their thinking and decision-making. Sue Daniels brings a fresh, informed perspective, having lived and worked in North Lake Tahoe all of her life, yet she is unencumbered by influence from special interests and political dependence.

In any election, the voters should be informed as to where potentially elected officials obtain financial support and endorsements. An investigation of Sue Daniels’s support clearly indicates that 100 percent of her financial contributors and endorsements either own property or reside or work in the NTPUD. A comparative review of Sue’s Form 460 (Recipient Committee Campaign Statement) underscores her independence. Please refer to the Placer County website, elections division, to verify for yourself that other candidates have accepted financial contributions from outside the district.

As a resident of the NTPUD, I want my elected officials putting the interests of my community above all else, with no ties or money from outside influences. I believe Sue Daniels deserves my trust and vote.

Randy Hill

Tahoe Vista

As a long-time resident of Olympic Heights who has suffered with the increasing noise and inconsistent, chaotic flight paths from the Truckee airport, I am hopeful that new board members will be elected to effect some badly needed change. Pilots Sandy Korth and Bill Quesnel are running together and seem to believe the issues of residents are at least as important as those of jet owners. Along with other growth and development problems, the unchecked, uncontrolled activity of our airport is threatening the quality of life for many in Truckee and hopefully will not be overlooked by our community.

Mike Starrett


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