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Election letters

I was shocked to read a guest column by Bruce Kranz (“Prop 90: Protect your home and business” Sierra Sun Oct. 23), supporting Proposition 90. Whereas this proposition is masquerading as an eminent domain issue, the other and deeper side is far more serious. It empowers hordes of people to sue government and collect compensation if they feel their properties, businesses or any potential future profits have been or will be compromised by any action of government (nothing to do with eminent domain). This is a taxpayer’s nightmare. If you need to see where this can lead, go online and look at a similar Measure 37, passed two years ago in Oregon. It is financially crippling local governments that cannot stop developers and landowners from suing for unrealistic selfish causes.

For an elected official to provide this misinformation to his constituents is appalling. A future reform of eminent domain may be appropriate, but this proposition is not the answer. Vote no on Proposition 90.

Gwen Rosser

Tahoe Vista

I was getting really annoyed at the “robocalls” that began “Here is some information about Charlie Brown.” So I called the campaign to complain and guess what: they told me those calls weren’t from the Brown campaign.

So when I got the next “robocall” I listened all the way to the end of the pre-recorded phone message and the callers finally identified themselves as the National Republican Congressional Committee ” not the Charlie Brown for Congress campaign.

Now the Brown campaign does say that they have made one (yes, that’s right, one) “robocall” in the last three weeks and that was Tuesday, Oct. 24. So don’t be angry at Charlie or the Brown campaign ” those dirty calls are funded by the GOP and they are trying to make you mad enough at Charlie that you won’t vote for him. Don’t fall for these GOP dirty tricks.

Call the NRCC at (202) 479-7000 and ask to be taken off their “robocall” list. And vote for Charlie Brown on Nov. 7.

Jennifer Montgomery

Donner Summit

In light of the recent Candidate’s Night, I am inspired to write and ask my fellow community members to support Theresa May Duggan as NTPUD board member. She was articulate, passionate and forward thinking.

I’ve known Theresa for five years as a mentor to many “30-somethings” in our community, encouraging involvement in local issues and supporting those in the North Tahoe-Truckee Leadership program she founded, which by the way, is on its fourth year with an impressive track record of graduates and guest speakers. I also had the privilege to serve with her on the North Tahoe Regional Advisory Council where I learned that she always based her decisions and comments on the good of all, and voted her conscience, not as a property or business owner.

I believe Theresa is the right choice for the NTPUD seat because she has an overall approach of caring for our Public Utility District ” community, economy and environment. Please vote Theresa May Duggan on Nov. 7.

Cris Hennessey

Kings Beach

My hat comes off to every candidate running in this year’s local election; it’s a reflection of extraordinary dedication to our community. However, there are differences between the candidates, and I am offering my support and will vote for the following:

Richard Anderson for Truckee Town Council. Richard has integrity, intelligence and the capacity and desire to collaborate for the good of the community. He has served us well for two years and we would be fortunate to have him for four more.

Tom Anderson for Nevada County judge. Mr. Anderson has been in the forefront of helping to create innovative problem-solving programs to address the county-wide drug issue. He is respected by County staff and fellow legal professionals, and has strong judicial experience.

Pat Sutton and Pat Flora for TDPUD. Ms Sutton’s unwavering loyalty to her constituency has provided years of honorable service to the PUD. More than that, Ms. Sutton is not afraid to ask tough questions, and to take stands when necessary. Mr. Flora is a local business owner and father and represents a fresh face on the board. He will work hard to ensure a solid future for the utility district.

Sandy Korth and Bill Quesnel for airport board. Sandy and Bill have both been active participants in the airport district’s renewal of commitment to the community. They are each balanced and thoughtful in their decisions.

Bill Kraus for school district. Bill has stayed engaged in a variety of community initiatives and truly wants what’s best for the students and faculty. He has innovative ideas and can help advance the district beyond obstacles into effective solutions.

Maia Schneider


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