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ELECTION LETTERS: Locals speak out in favor of Measure A

To the editor:

I’d like to remind the North Tahoe public of the importance of Measure A.

This small parcel assessment, formerly Measure S, has become something that we parents take for granted. Measure A funding has been in place for so long that I believe most people don’t realize what a huge, positive impact it has on our kids’ education. These Save Our Schools dollars allow our small school district to offer so much. Imagine our schools without many of our high school higher-level college prep and vocational courses, elementary physical education and most of our music program. The list of what Measure A funds goes on and on. Without Measure A, parents would be shocked at how meager our course offerings would be.

Don’t take what Measure A gives us for granted. Vote yes on March 6.

Priscilla Mills

Kings Beach

To the editor:

We are writing to encourage anyone who is the least doubtful of the value of voting for Measure A.

In the past, this measure has funded worthwhile programs and equipment that our small community school system would otherwise be unable to provide for our children’s education. Programs such as art docent, computer labs, physical education, music, libraries and vocational and college prep courses, to name just a few, are vital to our children’s motivation and well-rounded education.

We have chosen to live in a small community for its obvious values and benefits, but the availability of some cultural attractions are limited.

Many of our children do not get the opportunity to visit major museums or attend musical events and live theater.

With the passing of Measure A (the renewal of Measure S) we can ensure that all of the children in our community are exposed to these essential elements of life. It would be a great loss and tremendous disadvantage to our children if these programs were lost.

Please vote yes on Measure A.

Terrie Sitkoff

Barry Sitkoff

Ed Miller

Lolly Kupec

To the editor:

Since 1985, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District has had an educational option for home schooling parents and students in grades K-12. That option is Cold Stream Alternative. Cold Stream is funded by state and local taxes like Measure A.

Support from taxes like Measure A enable Cold Stream to provide a quality standards-based educational alternative; parent choice of textbooks and resources; school sponsored field trips, workshops, and social activities like fly-fishing, art, rafting, music, drama, creative writing, computer literacy and more. In addition, as a home school parent of Cold Stream, your student enjoys having equal access to extracurricular activities and courses offered at other TTUSD schools such as sports, lab sciences, dances, Arts for the Schools productions, physical education and band.

Measure A is right for home schoolers.

Jane Loomis


Sierra High School

To the editor:

We are thrilled that for $7 per month the children of our community will continue to receive the quality programs Measure S, now Measure A, provides. For less than one third of what most of us pay for our monthly cable bill, students in our community are enriched by music, computers, physical education, science and counseling, to name just a few. For some students, those programs can make the difference between failure and success in school.

A “Yes” vote for Measure A on March 6 will ensure the continuance of these programs as well as the talent of the educators who provide them.

Carol Reed

Kirby Reed

Jan Sturtevant

Jim Sturtevant


To the editor:

I agree with Mr. Godon that our school system needs to be overhauled (Sierra Sun, Letters 2/22). However I believe that it needs to be overhauled at the state level. Until that happens we need to continue with Measure S, now Measure A. We are not throwing good money after bad. We are insuring a sound education for our children in our community. When our state puts our children first we will no longer need to bear the financial responsibility for basic education. The programs that Measure A support are not frivolous activities for our children.

A yes vote is not just for one’s own child but for the entire community and until a better system is in place I will continue to vote yes.

I urge our entire community to vote yes on Measure A.

Jeanette Harrigan


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