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Election letters

Don’t forget to vote Nov. 7

To the Editor:

This November the voters of Truckee will once again step up to the task of fulfilling our responsibility to participate in the democratic process. Regardless of our individual political leanings and beliefs, it is through voting that we make a collective difference, and through our participation we are able to retain the precious gift of freedom we enjoy in our nation. Whether we’re choosing our representatives at the local, state or national level, or indicating our preferences on proposed legislation – our voices do count!

By learning about the issues and making informed choices, we’re all doing our part for our community. Please remember to vote on Nov. 7.

Maia Schneider, Mayor, Town of Truckee

Owens for Town Council

To the Editor:

Wake up Truckee, don’t let your chance for change get past you on Nov. 7. Ted Owens has the energy, the intelligence and the ingenuity that is needed to revitalize our town council.

I am particularly impressed with Ted’s commitment to networking with areas surrounding Truckee such as Martis Valley and Placer County, communicating and working with them in order to insure a comprehensive and cohesive general plan: a plan that will not permit runaway growth in communities bordering Truckee, impacting the town infrastructure without any mitigating requirements.

Ted is honest, open and committed to serving the citizens of Truckee, not special interest groups. This council has been around for a while, why not inject some new blood, get some new ideas? Ted knows Truckee, he has served on the Planning Committee for the past two years and has worked side-by-side with all of us as a local businessman.

Vote Ted Owens for town council and you’ll see.

Kappy Mann, Truckee

Elect Florian and Owens

To the Editor:

I am writing to support the election of both Ted Owens and Ron Florian to the Truckee Town Council. I have had the privilege of working with both Ted and Ron in a variety of capacities, including in their respective businesses and in matters of community service.

There is no question that both Ron and Ted have given tirelessly to the community and are fully prepared for the challenges of decision-making facing the Truckee community over the next several years. Ron and Ted each bring a common sense and honest attitude to their political life. I have watched them struggle with difficult issues, assess all the facts, listen to their constituents and fellow council members and commissioners – casting decisive votes reflecting their individual integrity.

No one will agree with any elected official on all issues all the time. Other candidates in this election bring important points of view to the political spectrum but none are as well-equipped for the entrustment of your vote as Ted Owens and Ron Florian.

The unprecedented growth now so visible in our community requires careful management and cautious approval. By having invested in our community themselves, Ron and Ted each understand that the uniqueness and character of the town must be preserved at virtually any cost. Unstructured, random approval of development projects out of sync with the nature of our town and the focus of its citizens cannot be tolerated. Conversely, obstructionist votes and refusals to consider reasonable alternatives involving managed growth are unrealistic and have no place in the workings of an informed elected body such as our town council.

Ron Florian and Ted Owens are intelligent and responsible citizens, willing to fairly represent the interests of our community.

James E. Simon, Truckee

Elect Rieders and Susman

To the Editor:

Voters of Truckee, now is your opportunity to stop the madness.

Cast your vote wisely. Elect Kenn Rieders and re-elect Josh Susman to town council.

Josh has proven his love for this mountaintop. Don’t let him be the lone voice on the town council. Ask yourself if you want to live in Truckee, Colorado, “Gateway to Nowhere”?

There is an old Western saying that says “See it, lad, live it. There’ll never be its like again, not in our time nor any other!” Please think about it. We have already lost some of it. There is still hope we can preserve the rest of it.

Vote for Kenn Rieders and Josh Susman. Let’s keep the Truckee we all love.

De Tracy, Truckee

Re-elect Ron Florian

To the Editor:

Would you like to have a councilman available to hear you express your local concerns – a person who listens and will respond intelligently without downgrading others? In today’s politics, that seems like a dream.

Seeing Ron Florian’s thoughtful participation on the present council and his ongoing contributions to our Truckee community, we feel he is highly qualified to act on our behalf.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to cast our vote Nov. 7 for a gentleman of this caliber to continue, Ron Florian. We hope you will also.

Walt and Goldie Smith, Truckee

Ted Owens deserves a vote

To the Editor:

I will cast my vote to elect Ted Owens to Truckee Town Council on Nov. 7.

I have known Ted for over nine years and really cannot recall a time that we haven’t spoken about Truckee, its unique community and how fortunate we are to live in this environment. It is the reason my family and I chose to live here.

Let me assure you that his commitment to Truckee and concern for our funky local ways is nothing new. I’ve heard it all and for many years – and many times. I at least, have the rare opportunity of stuffing his mouth with cotton.

There is no question but to vote for Ted Owens. I believe he will work hard to preserve the intangible essence of Truckee.

Kyle Adams, D.D.S., Truckee

Council needs a new face

To the Editor:

The time is now before us to add a new face to the town council. Our very good councilman Bob Drake has been on the podium for five or more years, and has two more years to serve. At the time of the next election Don McCormack will have served two terms, or eight years. Ron Florian is running for re-election after serving four years, and asking for four more. Josh Susman likewise is asking for four more years. And, they may all run for re-election again. (And because of name recognition they would probably succeed.)

Our town is only seven years old, and if we don’t make a change now we will be governed by the same five people at least for two more years.

We truly should elect at least one fresh person every two years when the new elections roll around. If we do not, then we never get any fresh input on the bench. Council watchers will note that 95 percent of the votes of the council are 5-0, or 4-0 if one of the council is absent, which indicates to me that no real debate is taking place. This is not good. We really need new people on the council every chance that we have to vote. Viable candidates don’t come along very often, and Ted Owens is definitely a viable candidate.

So, it is my suggestion that you vote for Ted first and foremost, and after that, vote for Ron Florian or Josh Susman. They are both good councilmen. You cannot go wrong choosing either one of the two. Vote Ted Owens.

George Robertson, Truckee

Sullivan merits another term

To the Editor:

As an employee of Tahoe Forest Hospital I know the importance of having the kind of leadership that MaryLou Sullivan brings to our organization. She possesses not only a deep concern for the financial viability of the Tahoe Forest Hospital District, but she is also genuinely concerned with the employees’ morality and well-being too.

MaryLou Sullivan has served as a board member on the Tahoe Forest Hospital District since 1996. Because of this experience she has an immense understanding of our local health care issues. And with the issues facing the hospital district now, we can ill afford to elect a board member with less experience or one who does not possess the compassion, drive and insight necessary to oversee Tahoe Forest Hospital District’s future in our community.

Please join me in supporting MaryLou Sullivan for a seat on the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board of Directors on Nov. 7 by exercising your right to vote.

Teri Smith, Truckee

Re-elect Mary Lou Sullivan

To the Editor:

MaryLou Sullivan, candidate for re-election to the Tahoe Forest Hospital District board, has not only my vote at the ballot box, but also my vote of confidence.

She has compassionately represented issues affecting the health of our community. Forging a vision of the future for growing regional needs, MaryLou has the experience and background to lead in the development of necessary infrastructure. She has already demonstrated this with support of the Western Addition and telecommunication advancements. Her commitment to the wellness of our community is something we can ill afford to lose.

I have had the pleasure of working with MaryLou at TTCTV Channel 6 on a variety of volunteer projects. She is hard-working, organized beyond reproach and truly a motivating force to be around. More importantly, I have found MaryLou to be a natural “team leader” by bringing people together and accomplishing tasks smoothly.

Re-elect Marylou Sullivan to the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board on Nov. 7.

Ted Owens, Truckee

Zissimos for hospital board

To the Editor:

It does help the hospital board immensely to have a member of the active medical staff participating in policy discussions. As lay board members, we are not in our hospital all day like a doctor is, and in the end the hospital is a setting where physicians do much of their work for patients and the community. Dr. Zissimos also brings experience from a larger medical center and an understanding of medical economics. He’s got one of my votes. I hope he’ll get one of yours, too.

Rob Eskridge, Truckee

Vote for Falk and Sullivan

To the Editor:

Affordable, accessible and quality health care is one of the most urgent and critical issues on today’s agenda. Even though we are a small community, we are fortunate to have such an outstanding hospital as Tahoe Forest Hospital in our own town. In fact, it is the hospital’s reputation which draws such qualified physicians, nurses and staff to work here. After going through numerous cancer-related surgeries in the past five years, I can personally attest to the quality of services at TFH.

But the operation of a multi-million dollar hospital is not the practice of medicine, it is the operation of a very sophisticated, complex business to facilitate the delivery of those health services. It requires sophisticated knowledge and years of experience just to come up to speed with the complicated legal, labor and financial issues, as well as vision and determination to stay the course with a long-range strategic plan. Mary Lou Sullivan and John Falk are both knowledgeable, experienced and hard-working, and they each have a proven track record of their dedication and commitment to the delivery of quality health care services to our local citizens. Please join me in voting for Mary Lou Sullivan and John Falk on Nov. 7.

Ruth I. Frishman, Truckee

Sullivan and Falk for board

To the Editor:

For quality, affordable healthcare in Truckee-Tahoe, vote for John R. Falk and MaryLou Sullivan for the Tahoe Forest Hospital District board. As our community continues to face health care challenges, it is critical that we have hospital board members that understand our diverse community needs, can work with our local medical staff and appropriately respond to the ongoing changes in our healthcare industry.

Over the years we have been faced with insurance plan challenges that have threatened the availability of affordable health care to many residents and businesses in our community. Unfortunately this challenge continues to be an ongoing issue.

As a hospital we are also faced with reimbursement and billing challenges. The board we elect in the upcoming election will need to effectively work towards resolution of these challenges and more. John R. Falk and MaryLou Sullivan are two individuals that are passionate about quality health care. They understand the needs of our community, from the consumer to the healthcare professional. They are skilled at researching all of the issues, and working towards development of a hospital district that will meet the needs of our diverse and growing community.

Vote for John R. Falk and MaryLou Sullivan for an investment in the future of your good health, from prevention to critical care. MaryLou Sullivan and John R. Falk care about you, they care about keeping you healthy, and they will work hard to be sure should you get injured or sick Tahoe Forest Hospital will be there with state of the art, quality affordable healthcare. Make an investment in the future of your good health. Vote for John R. Falk and Mary Lou Sullivan for Tahoe Forest Hospital’s board of directors.

Janet and Mark B. Brady, Truckee

Sullivan for hospital board

To the Editor:

Re-elect MaryLou Sullivan for Tahoe Forest Hospital Board; don’t change a good and proven person.

MaryLou has served the hospital board extremely well and faithfully since 1996. She has served as treasurer and is now president. MaryLou does her job successfully and without any motives for personal gain. MaryLou does have a real life and a multitude of interests.

It is this well-rounded person who can only bring continued success to our Tahoe Forest Hospital. MaryLou is not afraid to be outspoken when she is confronted on controversial issues. We need MaryLou Sullivan with her experience to help regain profit at our hospital. Vote to re-elect MaryLou Sullivan to the Tahoe Forest Hospital District Board.

Buzz and Maribess Johnson, Truckee

VanGundy for PUD board

To the Editor:

Truckee is growing, and as it does, the demands on our services infrastructure grow perhaps even faster. The Tahoe Donner Public Utility District board must today plan for the next decade and the decade beyond. There are some good people running for the board, but one stands out.

Nelson VanGundy has the community knowledge, proven problem-solving and management skills, commitment to Truckee and vision to secure the adequate water, cost-effective power and system adequacy and dependability that Truckee needs. He’s earned my vote.

Frank Bulkley, Truckee

Connie Stevens for consensus

To the Editor:

Along with J. G. Magee, Jr., I have occasionally “slipped the surly bonds of earth” and “chased the shouting wind along and flung my eager craft through footless halls of air.” Yes, I am a pilot and I love the sport of flying and the airport I call home – Truckee.

The community in which I live refuses to become divided, although set up for confrontation and turmoil. For this I am grateful.

If you are among the few caught in the controversy, untangle yourself and vote for someone who cares about your airport and you.

Diversity and change is healthy and I am open to suggestions and comments. Yet, when diversity becomes hateful diversion, when change is scoffed, it is no longer healthy and becomes destructive and non-productive. So, with this in mind, please be aware that with your support I will lead the charge to find neutral ground upon which to solve the problems facing our local airport, welcome diversity, encourage change and maintain respectful relationships with airport neighbors.

St. Mary’s College prepared me well for a director’s seat at TTAD with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management. I believe in statistics, scientific studies and facts. There is a place for subjective opinions and empathy, too, with a toehold on reality.

I believe in the people, and hope you will allow me the privilege to serve you as a guardian of our airport.

You do have a third choice: consensus, not turmoil or confrontation. Vote for Connie Stevens on Nov. 7 and take a step toward consensus and cooperation. I have faith in you, the people, to know the difference.

Connie Stevens, Airport board candidate, Homewood

Nonpilots will be objective

To the Editor:

The pilots in the Truckee-Tahoe area are very concerned about nonpilots being elected to the airport board because the cost of flying could increase.

The current board and pilot candidates have stated that the airport district gets a small part of the district’s property tax revenue and “they can’t give it back.” Yet the Public Utilities Commission California Airport District Act says in article 22556 that fees to generate revenues sufficient to pay the operating expenses of the district, provide for repairs and depreciation, etc. should be set by the board “so far as possible.”

Please read this at http://www.leginfo. ca.gov. This is the law that the voting population thought would govern the airport when it was put in place. This law says to me that the airport should be self-sufficient as far as possible.

From the airport district budget 1999-2000, the costs for payroll and benefits, operating, general administration, repairs and maintenance were expected to be $1.73 million. The gross margin from fuel sales and the revenues from renting airport facilities were expected to be $0.97 million or 56 percent of the costs of running the airport. This doesn’t include capital expenditures for building more hangars and facilities. Due to increased real estate development, the tax “entitlement” the airport is getting is growing rapidly and could cover the entire airport operating budget in a few more years.

It is a clear conflict of interest when the airport board, made up entirely of pilots, can choose to use our tax money to finance the costs of running the airport and not choose to raise their hangar rent or fuel price.

Their explanation is that hangars are competitively priced. But the airport has a waiting list of over 180 to rent a hangar, so clearly the rates are not high enough to cause empty hangars. It is clear the rates are low to benefit the pilots. We need nonpilots on the airport board to bring objectivity and reduce the conflict of interest.

Gaylan Larson, Truckee

Nonpilots flier bent the issues

To the Editor:

For those who want fair and truthful representation on the airport board one need look no further than Darin Olde’s front page comparison of two opposing campaign fliers (Sierra Sun, Oct. 19).

Assuming Olde is undoubtedly unbiased, it becomes clear that one flier has been written with no vagaries, no spin and no unsubstantiated claims. It is a truthful, accurate, reasonable and fair statement of how the district operates. On point after point the Darabi/Larson/Simmons flier was shown to be either untrue or spun to suit an agenda. Voters must be asking themselves, if this is how they treat the facts during a campaign, what can we expect if they are elected?

Darabi, Larson and Simmons have, however, shed bright lights on the noise problem that has gradually increased during recent years. This seems to be their only valid plank and illustrates what we mean by “single issue candidates.” Regardless of their singlemindedness, noise from aircraft is something to be addressed by those who are elected and should be done with benefit to the entire community in mind.

When entering the voting booth in November, one must remember that just as the airport district was created by a popular vote, so too, the board members are elected by a popular vote. The fact that the current board members are all pilots means one of two things: either no nonpilots have run in the past, or only pilots got enough votes. Figure that one out.

Bruce Kuecker, Airport board candidate, Tahoe Vista

Vote nonpilots for balance

To the Editor:

I have been talking with voters for weeks and I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to everyone to whom I have spoken for being gracious when I knocked on your door or spoke to you by phone.

I would like to affirm that from Homewood to Glenshire, and all those neighborhoods in between, the residents are warm, kind and caring individuals who have a deep concern for their communities. Not everyone has the time or resources to seek public office, so if I am elected it will be an honor to serve those who have supported me as well as those who have not.

When you mark your ballet, remember the current five member airport board is 100 percent pilots. You are being asked to select three directors. There are eight candidates for the three available positions, five pilots and three non-pilots. It is critical to have a balanced airport board which consists of nonpilots as well as pilots in order to achieve objectivity, reduce conflicts of interest and meet the needs of the entire airport district.

Lynne Larson , Airport board candidate, Truckee

Kelley for Sierra College

To the Editor:

Joyce Kelley is the ideal choice for Sierra College Area 4 Trustee. We have known Joyce for 23 years and worked with her in Little League, youth soccer, for community parks and our elementary and high school programs. We know how important it is to Joyce that the youth and adults of our communities be happy, successful, well-educated members of society.

Joyce Kelley has participated on a daily basis in the operation and life of the college.

Joyce Kelley is the person who will bring peace and stability to the turmoil that has surrounded the current trustee from Area 4.

Dave and Pam Tooker, Loomis, Calif.

Re-elect college trustee Robison

To the Editor:

All Nevada and Placer County residents should vote to return Sally Robison to the Sierra College Board of Trustees. She is trustworthy, has served well for eight years, is an educator, wants the best for the college, is not afraid to stand alone for what is right and is unwilling to let politics and people in powerful positions dissuade her from the correct, moral and honest course of action. She agrees with the grand jury criticism of the district and its president and is willing to fight the good fight at great personal cost. Choose wisely on Nov. 7.

John Trumbo, Nevada City, Calif.

Kelley would serve college

To the Editor:

As a long time member of the Sierra College Board of Trustees I feel that we have an opportunity to elect a new trustee who will help move Sierra into the 21st century as an outstanding educational institution.

Joyce Kelley has retired from Sierra College and wants to continue serving the district as a trustee. She is honest and forthright and would bring to the board a great deal of knowledge and dedication. She is respectful of other opinions and can voice her own ideas. She will be a great advocate for the students, for financial accountability and communication with the community.

Please join me in voting for Joyce Kelley for Sierra College Trustee on Nov. 7.

Barbara Vineyard, Sierra College Trustee, Lincoln, Calif.

Price of our freedom high

To the Editor:

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons who served in the Revolutionary Army. Another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and plantation owners. All were men of means and well-educated, but they signed the Declaration of Independence, knowing that the penalty would be death if they were captured. These were not wild-eyed rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Too often we now take these liberties for granted.

In a recent poll were the question was asked: “What are the five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment?” Thirty-seven percent could not name even one of the five. They are freedom of religion, of speech, of the press, to assemble, and to petition the government for redress of grievances. How did you do?

I enjoy reading the letters to the editor and although the problems that we write about are small compared to what our founders went through, they are still things that are important to us. I enjoy the freedoms that we have in which we can voice our opinions or run for an office where we think that we can make a difference. I fear the day when we lose these freedoms.

The price for freedom is eternal vigilance, for freedom is never free. As our country falls into an apathetic state we must remember that our founding fathers were trying to escape a overbearing oppressive government. Ever feel that way? Just remember that when you vote think what our founding fathers were trying to achieve and why.

Dan Warren , Truckee

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