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Enjoy our mountain home, others do

What a difference two weeks make. Two weeks ago I was looking out of my window at horizontal snow flakes and I could barely see the end of my driveway. This morning I am gazing at beautiful blue skies, wispy clouds and a half moon slowly making its way across the skies toward the west.

I gaze at the range of the Pacific Crest, with Tinker Knob on the left and Anderson Peak on the right. In the foreground I see a filtered view of Bennett Flat Meadow.

Less than an hour ago this scene was pink with the morning Alpenglow. Now the sun fully shines on the snow-capped mountains and the now-white clouds. Contrails are beginning to fill the skies as airplanes are moving both north to south and east to west. I wonder what the passengers are thinking as they look down at this beauty.

We live in a truly beautiful place unlike any other in the world. Take a short time out, look at the beauty around you and truly appreciate it.

Now that most of us are again rising when it is dark, might I suggest a little assistance in waking up. Truckee local Malayna Kerton hosts an early morning show on Cub Country 94.5 FM out of Reno. Called the “Tim, Malayna and Tim Show,” she and her two partners begin broadcasting at 5 a.m., and they are a kick.

Malayna is the daughter of Mike and Becky Kerton of Truckee. She was raised here and graduated from Tahoe Truckee High School in 1995. She went on to UNR, where she graduated with a major in broadcast journalism in 1999.

On Wednesday mornings Malayna’s younger sister, Jessie, joins the show at 8:10 a.m., for the Cub Country Kitchen segment. Each week they feature great recipes with five or fewer ingredients. Tune in when you get a chance. Also, check their Web site at cubcountry945.com for more information on Malayna, her charitable and civic activities, and to find some really great recipes.

Another DJ is back in town. Pam Farris has returned to Truckee and is now featured on KTKE 101.5 FM, Friday afternoons from noon until 3 p.m. She used to DJ in Reno on a couple of different radio stations. Welcome back Pam, we are looking forward to hearing your show.

In the next few weeks many of our visiting seasonal workers will be leaving for home. Most of them that I have met and given rides to this year are from South America. I have met some from Brazil, Peru and Chile. I’m sure that there were also representatives from other countries.

Many of these fine young people have come to work at the ski areas, but some have also found jobs at local supermarkets, shops, gyms, associations, etc. I met one young lady that was handling three jobs; at a ski area during the day, a supermarket in the evenings and a part time receptionist job on her “days off.”

I am not aware of how these wonderful young people are recruited, or what motivates them to come here in the first place, but I want to thank them all for coming. You are definitely a credit to your countries, parents, and family. You are also commended for your personal integrity and zest for life.

We’ve enjoyed your smiles, your greetings, and the services that you have performed. We wish you well for a very happy, healthy, and successful future and hope that your experience here in Truckee was a positive one.

We had a great response from readers to our last question with both right and wrong answers. The zip code we were looking for was 95734 (verified by the downtown post office staff) and the telephone prefix was 587. Some players thought 96160 was the correct answer. Other readers reminded us that 916 was our previous area code.

Dean Litchfield and Ronald Rettig got up early, but were inaccurate with their zip code.

Barbara Brill edged out Pete Kolp by four minutes and is declared our early bird winner for the week. Other players included Bill Palmer, Betty Baker, Leah Krone, Pam Farris, Sharon Cook, Joey Ames, Jean and John Armstrong (from Sierra Valley), Norm Justesen, Kim Lynn, Gordy Kjer, and Bill Mullins.

Mary DeLisle added that “Luther” was used years ago in front of the telephone numbers. Example: Luther 7-1111. Other long-time resident, Pat Northrop, identified “Juniper” as the prefix for Tahoe City numbers.

(Courtesy of Ron Rettig): El Toro Bravo now occupies the building at 10186 Donner Pass Road in Brickletown. It was a residential dwelling until it was remodeled into a restaurant around 1980. What was the name of the former restaurant that preceded El Toro Bravo in this location? Call us at 550-5035 or e-mail us at nnicholls@dicksonrealty.com with your answer.

Norm and Alan of the Nicholls Real Estate Group, are affiliated with Dickson Realty at 11500 Donner Pass Road.

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