European opinion shouldn’t matter so much |

European opinion shouldn’t matter so much

The Democrats, following the lead of their anointed standard bearer John Kerry, are trying to make Europe’s widespread disapproval of American foreign policy a major campaign issue.

Americans rightly should not give a hoot about European public opinion. In fact, I would urge suspicion whenever Europe appears to support our activities.

For the most part, the nations of Western Europe, long the center of the universe, now lacking both military and economic power, find themselves unable to influence the course of events as they did in past centuries. The jealousy and envy toward America is apparent for all to see.

Europeans have made a bloody mess of the last thousand years of their history.

Europe’s story is one of endless wars, primarily fought because of greed, contempt and disrespect for their fellow Europeans. On occasion, literally millions have died for patches of ground hardly worthy to be one of our smaller California counties.

In the 20th century, roughly 400,000 Americans were sacrificed in combat so silly Europeans can now be free to vote their spineless socialist leaders into power. In Europe, many of the current crop of politicians are referred to as “the class of ’68,” roughly the continental equivalent of the student radicals who led American campus uprisings during the Vietnam era. These leaders can now propose to stick their heads in the sand and hope the new breed of terrorist will just leave them alone, much as like minded leaders hoped the fascist aggressors would leave them alone in the 1930s.

We all know how well that worked out.

Later in the 20th century, it was only American military power and determination that prevented the Soviet military colossus from absorbing Western Europe’s nation states like so many appetizers at a buffet.

Have we forgotten the massive European demonstrations against “cowboy” Ronald Reagan when he stood up to the Russians and modernized our military forces in West Germany?

America’s intellectual elites, the media, academia and, of course, Hollywood were in solid agreement with European public opinion, believing that our president would bring about World War III. Instead, President Reagan’s courage perpetrated the collapse of the Soviet Union and the freeing of 100 million eastern Europeans. Not surprisingly, those countries recently freed from the communist yoke, appear much more tolerant of America’s aggressive foreign policy than our traditional “allies.”

Candidate Kerry has gone on record declaring himself the preferred candidate of certain European leaders.

Is this man so far out of touch that he thinks Americans will elect someone president because he has the backing of a bunch of self-serving European politicians?

Is he so foolish as to believe that these “European leaders” have the best interest of America uppermost on their agenda?

Could it be that these “European leaders” would like nothing better than for America to elect a weak, rudderless, internationalist president; one who will compromise the self interest of the United States to “world opinion?”

Americans should never accept the false idea that “we are just like they are.”

America is populated by the descendants of only those Europeans who possessed the initiative and courage to abandon their ancestral homes and risk all for the possibility of a better, if uncertain life in the New World.

The cowards and nay-sayers remained at home to become the ancestors of modern Europeans.

The weak unfortunately, did not survive the journey.

Prentiss Davis is a Truckee resident.

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