Faith Factor: I speak only the truth (maybe not your truth but certainly my truth) |

Faith Factor: I speak only the truth (maybe not your truth but certainly my truth)

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Sierra Sun encourages faith column submissions; please send a 400-word text document to The Sierra Sun welcomes any and all respectful religious views; however, the views expressed in and#8220;Faith Factorand#8221; do not necessarily reflect the positions of this newspaper.

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; This essay answers the question does god exist? And is best understood through the mind and teachings of Rene Descartes, 17th Century Philosopher: 1596-1650

and#8220;I think therefore I amand#8230;and#8221;

Considering the fact truth is relative, for example, my truth may not necessarily be your truth and having qualified truth for the sake of this discussion I would like to continue by stating, and#8220;One of the most prevalent and inherent traits associated with the human condition, is self-preservation.and#8221;

If you believe this to be true then it is not so difficult to believe in the existence of God. From birth to death and with every breath we take we are in a constant state of survival. This fact is undeniable, it crosses all racial boundaries, it crosses all cultural lines, and is forever true, world wide, regardless of religion or belief. Furthermore, it is also true and absolutely undeniable most every human being at one time or another has thoughtfully considered the existence or the non-existence of god.

This thoughtful consideration of God has simply manifested itself, through thousands of years of and#8220;conscious evolution,and#8221; into an aspect of self-preservation wholly supported by the dogma (which continues to evolve as well) of: Religion, culture, beliefs, values, ideals etc. and#8230;

In other words, as we live and toil to survive we are constantly adapting to our changing environment mentally and physically and therefore have also innately considered our existence and unfortunately our mortality. Thus we are faced with the ultimate conundrum:

Question: I am innately programmed to survive and completely aware of the fact I must die, so how can I continue to survive?

Answer: Through your belief system!

While pondering other un-answerable questions like, where did we come from? And where are we going? And why this earth? Through which our constantly evolving thought, and survival instincts logically perpetuate the existence of God, or conversely, the non-existence of God, in case your truth (belief system) does not support the existence.

Believe what you will, we are all perfectly correct in our truth; In whatever form you choose in order that we perpetuate the innate human condition of self preservation. Like it or not we are programmed to survive. God allows us to survive; survival is instinctual! God is instinctual.

Does god exist? The thought of, the existence of, or the non-existence of, is simply an evolved instinctual thought that cannot be separated from our being. Conversely, it is also true that God does not exist. The non-existence of God exists as a and#8220;relative truthand#8221; for all the non-believers who wish it to be so. Therefore it is pointless to further discuss this endless instinctual controversy, because the result can only lead to argument.

In step Descartes, and#8220;I think therefore I amand#8230;and#8221; is the simplest and most poignant explanation that answers the questions for all beliefs regardless of our differences or relative truths. Within our minds the truth of existence, or non-existence of all things, begins and ends.

and#8212; D.R.Precit, May 2007

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