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Faith Factor | In search of God

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; For some, the existence of God is absolutely apparent and unquestionable. Through religion we are afforded the opportunity to seek truth and find answers to questions that appear un-answerable. Belief in God provides explanations to our existence, helps guide us with a moral code and allows us to conquer the fear of death as we survive beyond our mortal shells with an energy transformation through and into the light and#8230; One might evidence the existence of God through the miracle of birth. It is utterly amazing (and truly a miracle) all of the information necessary and#8212; joined together in a single cell and#8212; has the ability to differentiate into millions of different types of cells and ultimately morph into a tiny human being! I constantly ask myself, and#8220;How can there not be a god?and#8221; But still, I am unconvinced, even with all the apparent evidence staring me directly in the face. I continue to seek an indisputable encounter with the almighty.

A candid conversation with God is specifically what I seek. I donand#8217;t believe (if God truly exists) itand#8217;s too much to ask for him / her / it to reveal themselves to me and offer few reasonable explanations regarding the purpose of war or poverty or why it seems impossible we canand#8217;t live in peace while maintaining our own personal beliefs. And what about all the suffering associated with terminal disease or homelessness or random shootings? Why is it that good must always be balanced with bad?

The innumerable instances of injustice saddens me and continues to widen the gap preventing a reasonable leap of faith when it comes to belief in God. If religion is designed to provide a moral compass with a penalty for sins, then why wait for judgment day? I just want God to do his job and get on with it! Exactly what is Godand#8217;s purpose for maintaining such a low profile, albeit an absence that breeds irrevocable contempt? I want to discuss these things with God and be fair by allowing the almighty to explain the reasoning behind an apparent lack of caring when it comes to protecting innocent people who end up as collateral damage through the perpetual and unnecessary acts of violence so pervasive throughout the world.

Nature, even in her finest moments, along with an unquestioned religious belief, and the required leap of faith simply doesnand#8217;t do it for me. There is just too much unnecessary death and destruction, and persecution and manipulation, all in the name of God or a lack there of. How can anyone who believes in God forgive the omnipotent for all the atrocities? You canand#8217;t listen to the radio or read a newspaper without questioning the lack of morality within our society and around the world. I can understand and forgive an evolved human race complete with child-like ignorance along with misled disciples who are simply interpreting vague directives from an out dated manuscript, but not the divine light of intelligent design.

God, (if youand#8217;re out there) Iand#8217;m asking sincerely. Exactly where the hell are you? Iand#8217;m calling you out! Isnand#8217;t it obvious weand#8217;re in need of a little assistance down here and if you truly exist, Iand#8217;m holding you personally accountable for all the suffering!

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