Faith Factor: Patriotic wife, mom, grandmother writes |

Faith Factor: Patriotic wife, mom, grandmother writes

and#8220;and#8216;Decoration Day,’ (first used in 1882) was enacted to honor Union and Confederate soldiers following the American Civil War. It was extended after World War I to honor Americans who have died in all wars. and#8216;Memorial Day’ declared official name by Federal law in 1967.and#8221;

and#8212; Wikipedia

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; All in all, this commemoration is all about freedom and the cost of it. It is unsettling to me to see how far we have come from the beginnings of our forefathers in their unity of belief in One God and the truth of His word. After all, did not God, through Jesus, set the pace for freedom by dying on the cross? You say what does that have to do with freedom? Everything.

As the slaves were in bondage to their masters before the civil war, we too are in bondage, slaves to sin (Romans 6:6,16). As a toddler who is told no, just watch him/her for a while, he/she’s bound to do what he/she was told not to. Children aren’t and#8220;taughtand#8221; to do wrong, they just can’t help themselves, its part of the sin nature within all of us (Psalm 51:5). They have to be taught to do right. Now, take Adam, he had it made, there wasn’t sin in the beginning. He had all he could eat, beautiful place to live, palled around with God and even had a wife created especially for him with whom he could live forever.

Talk about freedom, he even ran around naked! Wonder what went through his mind after the biggest blunder of all? As Adam ushered in sin to him and the whole world, death came to everything in it and on it and separation from God to all, we all became slaves. (Romans 5:12)

As men give up their lives for freedom, so too, Jesus willingly gave up his life for us all by taking upon himself yours and my sin while on the cross, to set us free from being slaves to sin (Romans 6:18) and restoring our relationship with God. We can be set free from this master of sin (Romans 6:14) by confessing our sins and asking Jesus into our hearts (Revelations 3:20) and confessing Him with our mouths to others. (Romans 10:9)

As the slaves joyfully felt the bondage of slavery lift off of their shoulders at the end of the civil war, we too can enjoy a new eternal life (John 3:16, 3:3) with the knowledge of being made free by our choice of faith in Jesus, the risen Lord. As we are commemorating soldiers this Memorial Day, remember the cost of the and#8220;first soldierand#8221; for yours and my freedom.

and#8212; Debbie Wilson has lived in truckee since 1988, is married to Rick Wilson, involved in Calvary Chapel Church and is totally in love with Jesus Christ

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