Faith Factor: Seek your bliss |

Faith Factor: Seek your bliss

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; I heard the expression and#8220;Follow your Blissand#8221; for the first time while watching the PBS series: Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers (1988.) This lightening bolt struck my soul and changed my life forever. Campbell suggests: and#8220;The realization of your bliss, your true being, comes when you have put aside what might be called the passing moment with its terror and with its temptations and its statement of requirements of life that you should live this way. I always tell my students to follow their bliss where the deep sense of being is from, and from where your body and soul want to go. When you have that feeling, then stay with it, and donand#8217;t let anyone throw you off. I say donand#8217;t be afraid to follow your bliss and doors will open where you didnand#8217;t know they were going to be.and#8221; What a wonderful and simple idea to incorporate as a guideline for living your life. Do what you love to do. Go where you want to go. Think what you wish to think and the doors will open allowing you to be at peace with your existence. And at the same time how extremely difficult it is to live our lives this way.

The requirements of day-to-day living find us in a constant state of duality, a cycling of work and play, of right and wrong, of good and bad, of life and death all inter connected and sometimes occurring simultaneously. We are constantly reminded of our inability to escape the duality of life as we seek our bliss and struggle for balance. Within our DNA this condition and necessity of homeostasis is and#8220;hard wiredand#8221; at a molecular level beneath our conscious thought. Every single moment we continue to exist because of the creation and the destruction of cells. Furthermore, we are faced with this and#8220;blissful conflictand#8221; constantly fluctuating between selfishness and the selfless acts of behavior required for love. How can one seek their own bliss without affecting or impeding upon the bliss sought by others? Since seeking your bliss is bound by the laws of nature. (i.e. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,) can there really exist a win/win situation when it comes to a philosophy of and#8220;live blissfully and let live blissfully?and#8221; Although; I am not saddened by the struggle that is forever constant, within us and outside of us, and between ideas and people, and civilizations and cultures. I marvel at the conflicts, which are constantly present, and forcefully shaping the planet we inhabit. Alas, fleeting moments of balance are the most for which one may hope.

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