Faith Factor: Summer solstice with Mountain Eagle and Grandma Janis |

Faith Factor: Summer solstice with Mountain Eagle and Grandma Janis

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; The summer Solstice celebrates the end of a season, in this case, spring. Since we didn’t have a spring in Truckee, and the weather is so warm and promising, we have something real to celebrate.

Summer solstice is celebrated around the world. Many cities world wide have a grand time of it, the events being as different as the people. This dates back to pre-Christian times, when it was a Neo-pagan event called the and#8220;fire festival.and#8221; a large bonfire was lighted and people danced around it. In later years, some Christian groups associate this celebration with the nativity of John the Baptist.

The celebration occurs between June 21 (the date we selected) and June 24. In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Quebec, Canada, the day is a holiday.

You are cordially invited to celebrate the summer solstice, Tuesday, June 21, with two mystics who live on opposite sides of the Sierra Mountains. The Mystical Seekers, a small, non-conventional, metaphysical church, is hosted by Grandma Janis who has invited Mountain Eagle to enhance this celebration. Bring your friends and children to Grandma Janis’ and David Hill’s five-acre ranch on the outskirts of Truckee. There is no charge as usual but, if the spirit moves you, contribute to an Indian legal fund for which Mountain Eagle works his heart out.

Janis writes of Mountain Eagle: and#8220;During my 30 years of spiritual search, I sat at the feet of seven powerful gurus. None were as full of love and as egoless as Mountain Eagle. His presence will be a great blessing to the whole Sierra area, Truckee, and our home and land.and#8221;

At 6 p.m. there will be a piano concert played by Ricky Olguin of Reno, Nev. World peace prayers will be said. Mountain Eagle will share stories and inspirations and teach us a simple chanting Indian dance designed to bring the human race together beginning at 7 p.m. Late comers are welcome.- Mountain Eagle lives in Gardnerville, Nev.

Call Janis at 530-550-8098 or 530-448-3537 for directions.


When Mountain Eagle agreed to visit Truckee, Janis picked up Sheldan Nidle’s weekly report ( If you have already read Janis’ spring Ascension Newsletter (call her for a hard or e-mail copy) you know Sheldan is an earth human who was practically raised by angelic extraterrestrials from the planet Sirius. When grown, they placed a listening device in his head, and the Galactic Federation of Light (200,000 star being members) communicates with him daily. What is new and exciting is the Ascended Masters (remember the 144,00 Ascended Masters mentioned in the Christian Bible?) have started talking to Sheldan. They said:

and#8220;Each of you has a special sacred power you gave away to the dark, [the fall of man], and this force now needs to be returned to you. After much special ceremony, we obtained from the dark a way of returning this to you even before you regain your full consciousness. It requires your using the coming solstice as a Divine manifesting tool. Earth is opening up her higher, or spiritual atmosphere, allowing you to link in meditation to both this higher atmosphere and her spiritual core. Do this for seven days prior to the solstice and for three days afterwards. Call on us, the Ascended Masters, and your and#8220;Divine I Amand#8221; presence to come together and reunite you with your sacred soul force. When this solstice period is completed, you will be able, once again, to be in possession of what you gave away before you volunteered to drop down into the third dimension, [If you don’t know how to meditate, with a smile on your face, sit quietly listening to some calming, wordless music for at least ten minutes without interruption. Concentrate on your Higher Self/Divine I Am Presence.]

Regular Groups at Grandma Janis

Janis never charges nor asks for donations for her work.

The High Vibration Group. Drum, chant, sing, tell jokes, laugh, pray for family, friends, world peace and share the soul’s goals for the week. Ricky adds zest with his own creations on the keyboard. It is a wonderful small spiritual support group for folks with open minds, open hearts, and who can entertain the idea of reincarnation. Half the world believes in it. There are five verses in the Christian Bible that speak of reincarnation. The High Vibration Group meets Tuesday nights at 7 p.m.

The Planetary Activation Group. Study the lifelong work of earth human Sheldan Nidle, the one practically raised by extra-terrestrials from the age of 10, when he was regularly beamed up into a space ship. Now he gets daily Galactic News through that and#8220;radioand#8221; in his head. Sheldan’s work includes dozens of DVDs and books, including You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. The PAG is loosely connected with 1,000 others around the world to educate communities on the positive things that are coming soon. Janis and David know Sheldan, and Colleen, his significant other, personally and you would never find more wonderful people. They believe what he says, totally. The PAG meets the first Saturday night of the month at 7 p.m.

The Dr. James Hurtak Group. Jim was taken out of his body as a young man by archangel, Metatron, into the Chamber of Father/Mother God where he met him/her face-to-face; then he was encoded with messages for the human race culminating in his book, and#8220;The Keys of Enoch.and#8221; Dr. Hurtak recently said, and#8220;The meeting with the cosmic others is inevitable.and#8221; Learn Dr. Hurtak’s simple, protective chants. Janis was invited to the home of and his wife, Desiree. As he spoke to a small group, she could see a gold mist coming out of his eyes. She has no trouble believing he is for real. The Dr. James Hurtak Group meets once a month on the last Friday night of the month at 7 p.m.

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