Faith Factor: The battle |

Faith Factor: The battle

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TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; Do you wake up each day with battle mentality? Do have a daily mindset you have spiritual forces fighting for your desires, decisions and spiritual death? Because whether you accept, live, believe it or not, it is reality.

Take a second and think about this: The demons get their daily orders from their masters and you are assigned to a certain group. These demons have been stumbling, tempting and spiritually murdering people for centuries. They understand the downfalls and evil of the human mind and heart more than you ever could. They know precisely which temptations will cause you to stumble. They rarely put before you obvious sins. No, no. They put small, tricky ones before you to build up to the major one they have been preparing.

They hear you pray in the morning that you want Godand#8217;s will in your life. That God would give you an opportunity to talk about Christ; so, and#8220;Code Whiteand#8221; is called out among the troops. First they start with discouragements and distractions. If you stay firm, they start making your day busy. The last thing they want you to do is seek the Lord. Whether itand#8217;s lost keys, crying baby, problems at work, difficult homework, etc., they just need something to keep you from spending time with the One Person who can give you the words to lead someone to salvation.

Without realizing it, you sneak through their grasps and you find time to sit down and read your Bible. A seasoned dark force is called in to cover your eyes and ears to the spiritual side of reading. All the while heand#8217;s praying to Satan you donand#8217;t ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to receive His words. Your encouraged by a Psalm, but the demons already have a plan. An evil spirit tosses an out-of-the-blue bad mood upon your spouse, sibling, coworker or boss with the intent to put you in a bad mood. This trick keeps you focused on yourself and your pity party: Not on the lost person God has arranged for your ministry.

You barely manage to keep your cool around the bad mood and try to continue your day peacefully. The demons see your divine opportunity to share the Gospel approaching. They bring out the big guns: sexual sin. Whether it be pornography, lust of the eyes with a coworker or friend, lust of the flesh with a boy/girlfriend or fiance or sexual fantasies and#8212; they make sure youand#8217;re tempted. In addition, a devil dedicated to manipulative gossiping comes upon your best friend and she/he tries to get you engage in empty chatter.

Finally the moment arrives when an old friend walks into the coffee shop and sits near you. Occupied by Facebook and Yahoo gossip, you look up and nod. The Holy Spirit lifts up your chin and you look at the person again. She looks like sheand#8217;s been crying. Right as youand#8217;re about to say something, you get a text. You sigh. Youand#8217;re just too busy and emotionally drained from your day to talk to anyone right now. And you, never knowing it, miss out on the opportunity to talk to a woman contemplating suicide. Your cold nod was enough for her to give into her own demonand#8217;s lies that no one on this God-forsaken earth could possibly love her and they, together, begin to plan her death. Applause and roars of rejoices erupt silently and unbeknownst around you. Their battle has been won.

I know this situation is extreme, but the battle described above is not. Every decision you make is fuel for one side. For whom are you fighting? Not on a Sunday morning or at a Bible study, but on what side are your daily actions? Live wisely, my dear friend, for your choices have more weight than you realize. You are in a battle. Slip on the armor of God and for the Gospelsand#8217; sake, fight, Christian! Stop living a mediocre, flesh-reigning, self-serving life and fight! Walk and abide in the Holy Spirit for therein alone will we find a life truly worth living.

and#8212; Courtney Brimer, a lover of the Lord, Sierra College attendee and Ace Hardware employee who is very involved in her church and community!

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