Faith Factor: The Religious Experience (an infinite reality) |

Faith Factor: The Religious Experience (an infinite reality)

D.R. Precit
Special to the Sun

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; I truly considered leaving this page blank, with the exception of one small dot located obscurely on the page, which in actuality, would have been much more representative of the and#8220;infinite reality akin to a religious experience.and#8221; Consider this, we are aware of our existence (or conscious of the fact we are alive) and live on this earth for approximately what? Seventy-eight years give or take a few depending on your life expectancy. Now wrap your mind around this thought. If you added up all of the time you havenand#8217;t been conscious of your existence and all of the time you wonand#8217;t be conscious of your existence, both sections of time before your birth and following your death, the actual amount of time you spend here on earth and#8220;blissfully aware of your surroundingsand#8221; is relatively minuscule, a mere dot on a huge blank page of infinite nothingness. However; if one is unable to share their objective reality during the short period of time we have allotted, what is the point? Well, the point is and#8220;enjoy your religious experience and#8230; enjoy your infinite reality and#8230; enjoy your conscious dot.and#8221;

And for you art lovers one of the greatest examples of this religious experience (in my opinion) is best represented in Seuratand#8217;s artwork, where he brilliantly applies the idea of infinite reality through pointillism.

The realization of your existence and surroundings is not the complete religious experience but rather the realization of the infinite reality of which you are apart of and affecting and happen to be observing isand#8230; (i.e. the single dot in a Seurat painting). Furthermore, I am saddened by the fact we are, unfortunately, severely limitedly in our ability to fully comprehend the religious experience due to our filtered and otherwise inefficient senses. Although; being we are scrappy little dots and will be compelled to do our best in sharing the religious experience using words, feelings, emotions, photographs, sculpture, art, religion, etc. and accepting with all humility, this is the best we simple humans can do. I can only apologize in my attempt to describe the religious experience; but further contend and suggest you continue to and#8220;seek your bliss,and#8221; never give up and never surrender in your feeble attempt to enjoy and share and understand and communicate your religious experience.