Faith Factor | Witnessing troubled times |

Faith Factor | Witnessing troubled times

Margie Meyer Seehuetter
Special to the Sun

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; Poverty, accidents, disasters, crime, war and#8212; whether itand#8217;s a personal experience felt in our communities or whether it be on a national or global scale, it seems Earth has been plagued with such atrocities since the beginning of time. So many ask God, and#8220;Where are you?and#8221; and and#8220;Why have you allowed these things to happen?and#8221; These questions have been asked for thousands of years and may often form doubt in minds and hearts. Even men and woman of faith in Christ Jesus have these questions and doubts. I would think God welcomes his children to converse, complain, and even have tantrums in anger or bitterness, for at least they are asking Him.

Scripture, studies, prayer, meditation or asking and learning from the spiritually mature helps me understand this life and my purpose in it. Though we often donand#8217;t want to look or ask this one question, it is necessary when seeking understanding. Do Satan and his demons exist on this earth in the spiritual realm? If so, then the opposite must be true in saying God and his angels exist on earth as well. This means there is something much larger than I or my wee comprehension of what I see and experience in this physical world. Wouldnand#8217;t it be a better world if the media could only share how people are transformed spiritually and drawn closer by their knowingness or faith in Him from experiencing problems or tragedy? This is ultimately God wants from us and#8212; to build our character through our circumstances, problems and choices so we may be transformed to our original selves of being more like Him. He gave the gift of himself, by example, through Jesus. Jesus had a biological mother and Spiritual Father God as his birth parents.

Much of what happens in our world is evil and bad but God promises, yes promises, to bring good out of it for those who choose to believe in Him. He proved this at Calvary by allowing the shameful and brutal death of the innocent and good man, Jesus Christ. But Jesus had to be willing to lay his life down for the greater good.

By God, we are born into circumstance beyond our control or understanding; we are also born with free will to choose our own thinking. Thinking governs behavior (actions). Our choice of how we think during our suffering builds our character. So believe there is spiritual significance for everything that happens, God is in complete control of the universe and he loves us deeply.

and#8220;Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is Godand#8217;s will for you who belong to Christ Jesusand#8221;

and#8212;-1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NLT)

Note it doesnand#8217;t say be thankful for all circumstances. That would mean be thankful for sin, evil, pain and bad things that happen to you, and that would be masochistic. Instead, make a choice to ask, how did Jesus Christ handle temptation, ridicule, hatred, evil, punishment and suffering? Be grateful for the cards youand#8217;re dealt by changing your thinking and putting those thoughts into loving practice for and#8220;Christand#8217;s Sake.and#8221; Know mankind is responsible for the choices that have great consequence in the physical realm, presently and through out all generations. May you find Godand#8217;s love, grace, hope, blessings, mercy, truth, peace, will, kindness and light here on earth and eternally in His heavenly home.

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