Faith: Someday Iand#8217;m gonna be happy |

Faith: Someday Iand#8217;m gonna be happy

Special to the Sun

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; Driving to work along the beautiful Truckee River valley one Sunday morning, breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the beauty of the trees and flowing water and listening to the radio playing and#8220;Someday Iand#8217;m Gonna Be Happyand#8221; I pause and think: and#8220;Why arenand#8217;t they happy right now?and#8221; Why do we always push things into the future when, with just a little twist of our perceptions, we can be happy now. Granted not everyone gets to drive to work in Sierra splendor. I count myself very blessed to do so, though you can find beauty anywhere if you open your eyes.-

Why are we always searching for something down the road? Too many people do not look at the prosperity, abundance, happiness and love that surround them at this moment. Continuing to wish for what they want in a future setting, they miss whatand#8217;s right in front of their noses.

Ram Dass, the well known spiritual teacher from the 60s made and#8220;Be Here Nowand#8221; famous. Enjoy life now. See the beauty now. Be happy now. It takes a conscious choice. I can be happy now, this moment. Material objects cannot make us happy, other people cannot make us happy, we only become happy because we choose to be happy.

So, you say, this seems to be a simple enough concept. Why arenand#8217;t more people happy? I believe people donand#8217;t want to believe that itand#8217;s that simple.

Then they would have to take responsibility for their own emotions. What, I canand#8217;t blame my unhappiness on my parents, my job, my husband/wife or that I didnand#8217;t have this advantage or that education? Nope. The only person you can blame is yourself. That makes people uncomfortable. It is time to move out of our comfort zones and do something we have not been taught to do. Be responsible for every emotion, every thought and every action. It is the teachingand#8217;s essence of great masters, prophets and avatars who have walked among us.

How does it work in practice? A practice it is. Like peace and love, being blissfully happy takes time to master. We are conditioned as children to let go of that state, so we can relate to the misery and suffering in the world.

Watching small children can be beneficial in moving us in the right direction. Children are by nature, happy. Even after getting bumps and bruises, they will cry a short while and then return to their happy little inner lives and radiate joy. Until the conditioning begins. The lessons we subject them to build their and#8220;character.and#8221; The suffering we perpetrate upon them because we cannot see our way out of our own misery. Then they become like the rest of the humans on the planet and we are happy that they now and#8220;fit in.and#8221;

It was Jesus who admonished us that to reach the kingdom of heaven we had to be as little children, which means to me that we return to the moment to moment acceptance of happiness. Life and joy reside in us all. Let your little child out and be as the Lion King song says: and#8220;hakuna matata!and#8221; and#8220;Donand#8217;t worry, be happy.and#8221; Now. In the light, Sharon Freewoman

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