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Find Tahoe Truckee Santa letters at |

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Dear Santa,

Thank you for bringing me presents last year. Is it hard for you to visit me.

Love, Sebastian

Dear Santa,

Thank you for bring me a bunny.

Now I sleep with it. When it is Christmas I will give cookies to you. I really like the things you bought me last year. Do you have a deer that has a red glowing nose. This year you can bring me what ever you have.

Love, Yarely


THANK You for giving me a DS last Christmas and how is MISS. CLAUS doing? How do the elf’s make the toys? I have been a good girl this year.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the things you gave me last year. And how do your reindeers fly the sleigh.? How do your Elf’s make toys ? Were did you find the Elf’s and reindeers? How long have you been alive? How were Elf’s and Rudolph born?Because of Rodoloh’s red nose. And the Elf’s pointed noses!

Sincerely, Carson

Dear St.Nick,

Is Mrs. Clause mean? Am I on the good list?Am I asking to many questions? Can you send me a picture off yourself? Can I have a cat please? Can you give me 900 pounds off cookies? Can you give my dog 1,000 pounds of tennisballs? Can you give my dog 1,000 pounds of dog treets? Can you tell me if you are real?

love, Carver

Dear Santa

Thank you for my game. Can you bring a puppy for Christmas please. How is Rudolph? How is Rudolph mom and dad? How is your elves?

Love Arianna

Dear Nick

What is going to be at your birthday in two day’s? I wish your cake is good. Are you going to have balloons at your Birthday?

Love Autum

Dear Santa

How is Mrs.Clause? Am I on the nice list? If I am I want to be in the lego club. Could you give me $100 so I can give my Dad sauage for Christmas.

love Bode

Dear Santa,

Thank you for your hard work making toys. Could you make me a computer and a x-box. Say hi to Rudolph for me.

love, Bryan

Dear Santa,

Thank you for bringing me a doll last year. It was real cute. Merry Christmas.

love, Daniela

Dear Santa,

How are your elves doing at the North Pole.

Love, Fernando

Dear Santa,

Thank you for my rock um sock um robots. How are the reindeer? How is Star? And Fuzzy. can you please bring me paper jam’s? And money for my dogs legs to get better.How did you dothat last Christmas when all of us werein the kitchne and all the presents.Just apeared to be on the tabel. can you pleas yell ho ho ho mary chismis at my house so i now your there and can you please bring conect for x box 360.

Sincerely Justin

Dear St. Nick

How is Fuzzy doing? I’ve always wondered why Santa needs to ride in a sleigh? Does Santa really have a reindeer named Rudolph? I wish I could have a ride in Santa’s sleigh. What I want for Christmas is a bell from Santa’s sleigh, a Wii, some movies, and some game boy games.

Love, Kip

p.s. How many elves does Mr.C have?

Dear mamma,

Thank you for everything you gave me last year mamma. I love them all. This year I would like a lova lamp.


Dear santa,

Thank you for my trutle that I sleap with . Thank you for my blanket that keeps me warm. thank you for every thing. Will you give me a battleship made out of legos

love, Nik

Dear Santa,

How’ s Rudolph? Is he and all the reindeer up for Tahoe? Are elf’s really red and green? I’m wondering how’s Sinky?I’ve been pretty good this year. I wish for anything to do with science ,animals,an American girl doll or a computer please . A computer for me and only me.Have a Happy New Year!

Sincerely, Olivia

Dear Santa,

Thank you for my American girl that you gave me last christamas I love it so much that I took it to school. Can I have a D.S. for Christamas or an electric guitar, a Jacket, a apple laptop , mac and a new house with a barn and a horse ,2 story and a kitchen and an up stairs. Also a my own room and a big room. You can read my mine. So my dream house.

love, Rose

Dear Mom,

Thank you for the wii and wii games. I really really like it. I especially love Super Mario Galixy 2. It is my favorite game. I also really love all of that other stuff because they are awesome!! You are the best mom a boy can ever have.


Dear Santa,

You are the nicest and I hope none of your reindeer have passed away. It would be sad if they did! Can I have a $100 and a electric guitar.

Love, Trevor

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