Finding a new home for the corporation yard |

Finding a new home for the corporation yard

One of the most critical and often least appreciated, elements of the Town of Truckee’s ability to provide snow removal, road maintenance, and animal control services to its residents, is the town corporation yard. The following is a series of frequently asked questions regarding the Town of Truckee Corporation Yard and the town’s future plans for it.

What is the town corporation yard?

The Town of Truckee Corporation Yard is the location that houses the town’s public works department. The corporation yard provides office space for public works staff; equipment maintenance buildings for equipment maintenance and repair; storage areas for snow removal and street maintenance equipment; fueling facilities for all town-owned vehicles; enclosed structures for storing road sand and deicing materials; and the town’s animal kennel for short term boarding of stray animals.

Where is the town corporation yard?

The town corporation yard is currently located on Riverview Drive adjacent to the Ponderosa Fairway Estates subdivision, and near the Truckee River Regional Park. The town purchased the current corporation yard in 1994, shortly after incorporation.

As the town has increased its level of service for snow removal, road maintenance, and animal control services, the existing corporation yard has become increasingly antiquated to serve its purpose.

Lack of enclosed equipment and parts storage and lack of adequate equipment washing facilities compound the inadequacy of the existing site. In addition, residential development, which has recently occurred immediately adjacent to the corporation yard, creates land-use compatibility issues between adjacent residents and the work activity at the corporation yard.

What is being done to address land use and operational issues at the corporation yard?

The Town is currently evaluating sites that could house a permanently relocated corporation yard. The goal is to identify a location that can house the town’s corporation yard activities for the foreseeable future.

Truckee Town Council members are currently serving on a committee which is assisting town staff in the site selection process. Ideal sites would be screened from view by the general public, would be located centrally within the Town boundaries, and would contain limited potential for other incompatible uses to develop in near proximity to the site. Ideal sites would also avoid displacement of existing or future privately owned industrial property, and would be located remotely from the Truckee River. An ideal site would also be available in the immediate future for purchase or lease by the Town to facilitate as quick a relocation as possible.

What is the time frame to relocate the corporation yard?

Currently the town has identified a five-year schedule to identify a site, acquire land, perform appropriate environmental analysis, obtain permits, and construct a new corporation yard. The two greatest challenges to meeting this schedule will be identification and acquisition of an adequate corporation yard site, and acquisition of funding for the construction of the new corporation yard facility.

What will be the public process used to identify the new corporation yard site, and how can I be involved?

The corporation yard site selection committee will be making periodic reports to the Truckee Town Council advising the council and the public of progress on the site selection process.

Viable sites will be evaluated and ranked based on factors such as cost, land availability, proximity to the center of town, environmental compatibility, land-use compatibility, ease of access, and potential for shared use with other government agencies.

It is anticipated that the site selection committee will be making a final recommendation to the council in March 2003.

Once a final site is selected, the site design, landscaping, lighting, building layouts, and environmental review will be evaluated by the town planning commission and town council through the public hearing process, identical to the process that a similar scale private sector development would follow.

For additional information, or to request that your name be placed on a notification list for future public meetings, please contact Dan Wilkins, Public Works Director, Town of Truckee at (530) 582-7700.

Dan Wilkins is Public Works Director for the Town of Truckee.

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